Judge Issues Explosive Ruling on Migrant…


Joe Biden’s handlers WILL NOT be filing an appeal of the huge migrant custody ruling handed down by federal Judge T. Kent Wetherell in Florida. Alejandro Mayorkas doesn’t have a legal leg to stand on and Merrick Garland knows it. All the Palace can say is that Imperial Leader Joe Biden “has declined to appeal” last week’s decision which blocks his illegal “catch and release” alternative to detention policy.

Ruling calls for custody

Last week, Federal Judge T. Kent Wetherell issued an explosive ruling which says Joe Biden can’t simply let millions of illegal aliens go running around loose in America.

The “alternatives to detention” scheme which Alejandro Mayorkas cooked up, along with massive misuse of a “parole” loophole, is blatantly unconstitutional and turned our national borders into a “meaningless line in the sand.

Another thing the ruling had to say was that Joe’s whole immigration policy was nothing but “a speed bump” on the road for illegal aliens invading the United States.

From now on, every migrant will be held in custody, DHS sheepishly agrees. They aren’t saying a single word about what happens to the ones already released into the wild unlawfully.

Judge Wetherell knew that every single Democrat in America would instantly hit the ceiling so wrote an automatic one week stay into his ruling, specifically so the federal government could file an appeal. His deadline went whooshing by with no action taken.

That’s not too surprising, considering how he spent a full 109 pages on backing up his decision with legal support. He wasn’t shy about blaming Joe Biden personally for all the chaos and confusion at our southern border.

Parole + ATD now DOA

Over at the Ministry of Domestic Security, Alejandro Mayorkas and his underlings like to call the program they cobbled together “parole + ATD.” They think giving every illegal alien a cell phone qualifies as an “alternative” to detention, because every phone can be tracked everywhere.

Judge Wetherell disagreed in his ruling. Custody means keeping them locked up somewhere they can be handy for court.

Court is a word that Mayorkas and his ilk avoid talking about. There’s such a backlog already that they’re scheduling initial interview appointments for five years from now. Every single migrant, from now on, must be issued a full “Notice to Appear,” instead “of resorting to other alternatives to detention.

Immigration activists were jumping up and down screaming for the administration to appeal the ruling, “warning that the elimination of the policy could lead to overcrowding at border crossings and risk overwhelming U.S. Border Patrol.” It’s already past overcrowded and overwhelmed to the point of “loss of operational security.

The ruling handed down last week concluded a case filed by Florida with a huge victory for Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody. She argued that the change in policy under Joe Biden illegally relied on leveraging a “parole” program meant to be used on a limited, case-by-case basis into the “release thousands of migrants into the community.

Judge Wetherell agreed completely. Also this week Border Patrol Chief Raul Ortiz testified that many migrants are released before they can even be screened to determine “whether an individual would fall under the category of asylum seeker.

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