Democrats Panic: All 8 Million Illegals…


Democrats are in such a panic over the latest federal ruling that the only solution they can come up with is amnesty. Not only for the two million most recent arrivals, all of them. Estimates vary at between 7 and 11 million, give or take. They may be insane but the really scary part is it will probably go through.

Amnesty for all

Suddenly, the word amnesty is back in the news. Over the weekend, there was a total information embargo from the network media while they waited for instructions. They didn’t get any so seem to be flying blind and grasping at straws.

Either that, or the Deep State expected this development and their spin doctors had the prescription already written.

Last week, a federal judge in Florida, T. Kent Wetherell, issued a ruling which declared Joe Biden’s “catch and release” immigration policy “illegal.” He wants it stopped and stopped now. After the automatic one week stay he put on it, to allow Democrats a chance for appeal. They haven’t filed one yet.

Along with a whole bunch of nasty things, he said Joe turned our national border into “a meaningless line in the sand.” Since nobody will ever go out and round up all the ones who should be in custody but aren’t, the only solution is give them all a free amnesty pass.

Alejandro Mayorkas didn’t have as much authority as he thought to grant “parole” to an infinite number of illegal aliens. That steps on the toes of Congress, Judge Wetherell ruled.

Since Joe can’t grant amnesty to the ones he let in without causing nightmares for all the dreamers, he’s going to have to make all them citizens, too. Everyone expects them to be pre-registered to vote Democrat. By the time the Minister of Domestic Security is impeached, it will be too late to prevent his evil plot from being completed.

Dust off the 1929 bill

Six Democrats ran up the steps of Capitol Hill to file a measure in the Republican controlled House to “reintroduce” the “Renewing Immigration Provisions of the Immigration Act of 1929” bill. The idea is grant amnesty by updating “a law created to allow immigrants to apply for permanent residency or a green card.

Back in the same year Wall Street crashed, causing the first Great Depression, “immigrants had to be in the US before 1921 to qualify, but the law has been updated several times, including in 1986, when the cutoff was moved to before 1972.” Ronald Reagan granted amnesty to 3 million illegals. They plan to move the goalpost again.

“What we’re going to do is look at passing immigration reform that’s very simple, to do it on one page. It’s not thousands of pages, it’s one page: Change the registry date,” bill sponsor Lou Correa of California admits. Simple is good in the “Idiocracy” we like to call America.

Since granting amnesty is like totally easy and stuff, while following the law and putting all the asylum seekers back in custody is really hard, expensive and dangerous, guess what will happen soon.

All six of the progressive sponsors banded together in unity to issue a statement noting “the bill would affect about 8 million immigrants and that 148 local, regional and national organizations supported the measure.” New York Post also acknowledges that “Democrats’ recent attempts to grant amnesty to millions of undocumented immigrants have failed.

Back in 2021 they tried it and it went down in flames. They expect a rough time in the house, since it’s controlled by Republicans. That, Christopher Wray chuckles, is why J. Edgar Hoover had such a huge collection of blackmail files.

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