Katie Couric: I Gave Trump a Chance, Trump Supporters Should Do the Same for Joe Biden 

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Journalist Katie Couric has a message for all the Trump supporters out there. Give Joe Biden a chance. After all, she gave Trump a chance. Then she goes on to bash Trump in the article.

Trump haters until the end

Katie Couric, the iconic host of the Today Show, penned a recent op-ed in Time Magazine where she bashed Trump and expressed her relief that Joe Biden won the election.

She thinks voters should give Joe Biden a chance, even though the Democrats have been calling us Nazis, Klan members, deplorables and Russian agents for the past five years. Oh yeah, they’re also censoring us on social media, harassing us in the streets, assaulting us and even murdering us in cold blood for being patriotic Trump supporters.

Katie Couric thinks it’s time to forgive and forget. Even though the election has not been officially called yet. In Couric’s Time Magazine article, she says she attended Trump’s wedding in 2005 and constantly promoted his hit TV show The Apprentice.

But she watched in horror as President Trump “took his bare hands and ripped apart the gaping wound that already existed in our country, preventing any chance of eventual healing.”

She also expressed her overwhelming joy at the thought of a Biden-Harris administration in the White House. “We have a President and Vice President who will comport themselves with dignity, humility and decency.” Whoa, hold on there Katie.

First let’s do these audits and recounts in the various states where the Trump campaign has filed lawsuits. If Biden won the election fair and square then so be it, but that hasn’t been decided yet. There is a mountain of evidence that widespread voter fraud took place. Yet the mainstream media has declared their winner and they’re anxious to turn the page to the next chapter.

Democrats murder us then call for unity

Couric goes on to say that Biden has a huge task ahead of him. “Making millions of Americans who didn’t support him feel seen, heard and cared about. He must help them understand that the changing demographics of our country aren’t something to fear, but to celebrate.

And job number one is to lead the country out of an out-of-control pandemic that is leaving families grieving over the lives and livelihoods lost.” In other words, break the will of American patriots, make them accept mass immigration from the 3rd world, then lock down the country to destroy the economy and have us all vaccinated.

Days after the election, Biden gave a victory speech where he called for unity and healing. At the same time, Democratic House Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her colleagues on the Left were creating a list of anyone who supported President Trump.

They want anyone on the Right to be punished, censored, fired and “removed from polite society.” Jennifer Rubin, a radical Left-wing writer from the Washington Post, says “we need to burn down the Republican Party, leaving no survivors. Because if there are survivors, if there are people who make it out of this, they will try it again.”

This is their idea of “unity and healing.” Don’t fall for it folks. Minnesota House Rep. Ilhan Omar said Trump was holding “Klan rallies” across the country. A ridiculous slur labeling Trump and millions of his supporters as racists. Of course, there is no censorship or fact checking of these statements on social media.

These Democrats calling for unity and healing are full of crap. They want the Right-wing to be beat down and whittled away until we’re just a hated little minority in this country. And that’s exactly what will happen if the Democrats take control of the White House and the Senate.

We will see mass immigration of more Democratic voters. They will pack the Supreme Court and create two new states, Washington D.C. and Puerto Rico, which will give them more Democratic seats in Congress. Republicans would never see the White House again. We can’t lose these elections. The future of America is at stake.

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