Key Takeaways from the Democrat ‘Bloodbath’ That Just Occurred


The election day bloodbath for Democrats has given Republicans a fantastic opportunity gain momentum and position themselves for a real counterattack against the Biden White House. In this moment of triumph every GOP politician needs to be told just one thing: don’t screw this up. We know why Republicans thrived where they did in this election; the lessons learned here need to define the future of the party if those successes are to mean anything in the long run.

Democrats take a beating

Glenn Youngkin was not supposed to win the Virginia gubernatorial race. New Jersey’s gubernatorial race wasn’t even supposed to be a real competition. That race is still too close to call as of the morning of November 3.

Democrat Phil Murphy will probably win his race for reelection in New Jersey but he will do it with shockingly thin margins in a state which is supposed to be solidly blue.

Anyone who pretends that this isn’t a massive blow to Biden and his party should be laughed out of the room. This bloodbath should be considered a sign of things to come.

That is, it should be considered a sign of things to come as long as the GOP can comprehend why they’ve done so well and double down on the things that worked this time.

The elections in Virginia and New Jersey were not about the economy, tax policy, the candidates, or even Trump. The people who voted for Glenn Youngkin and Jack Ciattarelli did so because they are sick of being demonized and told that they have no future in this country.

Glenn Youngkin won because he understood that the winning issue in Virginia was the fight against the anti-white propaganda known as critical race theory being taught in public schools. He heard angry Virginian parents and in response they gave him an upset victory over his heavily favored Democrat opponent.


Please, GOP, don’t screw this up

If GOP leadership decide that their success in this election was about anything else then they will lose in 2022. The lesson that the party must take from this election is that there cannot be a return to politics as usual.

Millions of Americans are ready to become new Republican voters if they are given candidates who will actually listen to what they care about and fight against the radical leftist Democrat platform.

These people do not want to be given watered down Democrats running as Republicans. Glenn Youngkin realized that he could win if he vowed to make an actual stand against the repulsive social agenda being pushed on the country by Democrats and the mainstream media.

RINOs in D.C. will fight tooth and nail to resist a 2022 GOP platform that uses this example. Mitch McConnell and other Republican leaders embraced the BLM agenda in 2020 and joined Democrats in lecturing us about our “original sin” of racism.

These people have no future in a party which wants to seriously oppose liberalism. McConnell kneels when BLM applies any pressure. Youngkin says he’s willing to fight back and he did it in Virginia.

This is an opportunity to throw out the decrepit leadership of RINO political operatives in D.C. and offer the American people a real alternative to Biden and Pelosi which can win in 2022 and 2024. If the party doesn’t learn the obvious lessons on display here it deserves to lose.

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