Liberal Hollywood Elite Says F*** Unity ‘I Want Blood’, Then Walks it Back

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Radical Lefties in Hollywood continue to call for violence against President Trump and his supporters. After Joe Biden called for unity and healing, actor David Cross tweeted “F—k that. I want blood.” These are the same people claiming that Trump stokes division.


Democrat actor wants Conservatives murdered

Joe Biden recently tweeted “After a year of pain and loss, it’s time to unite, heal, and rebuild.” It’s an empty statement, and we all know it. The Left has been viciously attacking Trump supporters in the media, online and even physically, with several cold blooded murders at the hands of BLM and Antifa.

Hollywood actor David Cross responded to Biden’s calls for unity by tweeting, “F–k that. I want blood.”

The Hollywood Liberal immediately faced harsh backlash over the statement, then tried to walk back his comment with some silly jokes.

“This tweet has really taken off! I feel that I should be clearer though, while I DO want blood i only need about 14cc’s of it, and not from everyone, just Kyle McCarthy in Davenport Iowa. I will explain later,” Cross later said.

The actor later posted another tweet, saying he “was referring to menstrual blood.”

Hollywood Lefties with Trump derangement syndrome

This is not the first time that Hollywood nut job David Cross has viciously attacked President Trump or his supporters. Back in October he said he did not know whether to be “thrilled or excited” when he woke up to the news President Trump had tested positive for the coronavirus.

In a separate tweet, Cross sneeringly offered his “thoughts and prayers” to Melania Trump’s personal trainer rather than the First Lady herself. In August 2018, Cross used a performance at the University of Utah to joke about beating the president “to a bloody pulp” and urinating and defecating on his body. These Lefties are absolute trash.

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