Liberal Madman Drives Van Through Tent of Trump Supporters

trump supporters attacked
Photo via @TeaBoots Twitter Video Screenshot

Well, patriots, if you thought 2016 was a rough go, liberals are already stepping up their game to go after Trump supporters during the 2020 election.

The new motto must be if you can’t beat them, kill them… pretty apparent after a group of Trump supporters had their voter registration booth ran over by a madman in Jacksonville, FL.

Raging Lunatics

Liberal and lunacy are now synonymous.

Some Trump supporters had set up a voter registration booth for Republicans in a local shopping center parking lot.

As a van approached, one of the volunteers working the booth noticed the driver started to speed up while aiming right for the tent.

Thankfully, that alertness enabled everyone to get out of the way of the van.

Nina Williams, one of the women working the tent, stated, “It happened so quickly. I just barely got out of the way.

The booth and materials were scattered all over the parking lot, but it appeared that everyone escaped harm.

One of the volunteers was reportedly able to snap a picture of the man’s license plate and local police were called.

When they arrived, they took all the information and canvassed the stores to see if there was any videotape of the attack.

In Custody

Police were able to identify the driver and took him into custody.

The alleged attacker is Gregory William Loel Timm, 27.

He has been charged with two counts of aggravated assault, criminal mischief, and driving without a license.

The attack quickly went viral, with even President Trump noticing and sending a warning out to his supporters…

The hate and anger are real and are getting whipped up even more by Democrats who continue to refuse to accept the results of the 2016 election.

As Jacksonville’s Mayor (Lenny Curry) stated, “the hate is toxic and dangerous.”


  1. Just remember, Pay Backs are a bitch. The criminal DNC and their goons will wither under the guns of Patriots who will no longer watch these follies provided by Socialists.

  2. Look for more of this to happen. Liberals are people without consciences and morals and have their roots in the type of society born from the tyrannical steps of Russia where murder was a fact of life and the norm to attain power at any cost and people were expendible


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