Liberal Publication Attempts to Claim Trump Will Be Guilty of the Very Thing Democrats are Notorious For

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Liberal talk show host Mika Brzezinski is a never Trumper with raging TDS. On a recent show she claimed Trump was unable to keep secrets, and he would be a national security threat once he leaves office.

Mainstream media is fake news

“He doesn’t keep secrets,” Brzezinski said on her show Morning Joe. “He can’t, he doesn’t know how. He loves to sort of revel in knowing things and passing it along. His personality seems to be 100 percent undisciplined.” So Brzezinski says Trump can’t keep secrets. What secrets could she be referring to?

Earlier this year, President Trump lashed out at her cohost / husband Joe Scarborough for their biased and hate-filled reporting on Morning Joe. Trump called him “Cold Case Joe,” a reference to the suspicious death of one of Joe Scarborough’s interns.

In 2001, Joe Scarborough was serving as a Congressman in Florida. Tragically, one of his young female interns was found dead in his office. Details are murky and the situation was highly suspicious. The official story is the 28-year-old intern fainted, hit her head and died while working in his office.

She was found alone in the office when a couple showed up for a scheduled meeting with Scarborough. Scarborough later claimed he was in DC during the incident. If he was in DC, then why did he have a scheduled appointment with constituents that day?

Trump never backs down

Do a google search about this case and you will find it’s extremely difficult to pull up any information about it. It seems the big tech overlords are burying this one.

There’s no mention of it on Scarborough’s Wikipedia page either, even though he quietly resigned from office shortly after the incident. Any mention of the story is tied to President Trump’s recent Tweets, calling him a mean guy and a conspiracy theorist for bringing it up.

Mika Brzezinski demanded that Trump’s Tweets be removed. She even messaged the owner of Twitter directly, asking Jack Dorsey to censor the President of the United States. What a lunatic. Of course, this only made Trump double down on his attack. Brzezinski is still holding a grudge. She takes it out on him daily on her show Morning Joe on MSNBC.

“When it comes to classified information and relationships with foreign adversaries and friends that need to be had, this is dangerous,” she said, “and I worry that Donald Trump takes information out of the White House, and I don’t know if we have seen someone who wants to abuse information that he took in while in office, but he will.”

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