Local Family Hosts Appreciation BBQ for Law Enforcement


Police officers in Pueblo, Colorado were making their rounds with smiles on their faces and a belly full of delicious food Thursday, after stopping by the home of a local family who held a “police appreciation barbecue.”


Show some appreciation

This is the second year in a row that the Herrera family hosted a cookout to show their appreciation for local law enforcement. This year they feel it is especially important because of all the negative energy unfairly focused on the men and women who provide law and order.

On Thursday, July 22, Nick Herrera and his spouse, Rosanna Torres-Herrara, welcomed virtually the entire Pueblo PD for a celebration and acknowledgment of how important they are to the community.

“They go out every day, sacrifice, they leave their husbands, they leave their wives and their children and don’t know what they are going to encounter,” Herrara points out, “and we think that needs to be shown a little respect.” He’s totally right.

He also said “he hopes that doing the barbecue shows that it’s OK to give food, gifts, or even just a thank you to police.” Everyone needs to show their appreciation, not the contempt they’ve been getting in liberal Democrat cities.

The front lawn of the Torres-Herrera family home was the hottest spot in Pueblo. By the end of the event they had dished out “a hundred meals to show their appreciation.” Police these days have been taking a lot of unfair abuse.

“Now because of everything that’s going on, people are looking down on them and that’s not fair. That’s not ok! They deserve more respect than what they’re getting and if this is how we pay them – this is what we do!”

Only a small gesture

The police appreciation picnic menu included “homemade pulled pork sandwiches, ribs, pasta salad, macaroni and cheese, and, of course – desert!” The family is glad to do it and wishes they could do more.

“We just want to show them that there are people that understand the sacrifices they make every day – not knowing what they are going to run into every day and not knowing if they are going to see their loved ones at the end of the day,” Rosanna Torres-Herrara insists.

Officers of the Pueblo PD showed their appreciation as well. “It was like something you would get at a nice restaurant, it was wonderful,” said Corporal Ray Alvarez.

The gesture wasn’t lost on the force. “With everything going on in the country, it’s just nice to see someone that appreciates police officers.” The family would do it again in a heartbeat and hope the idea catches on. They hope “this story inspires others to pay it forward to law enforcement.”

On their twitter account, the PPD also was sure to note, “We would like to thank the Herrera family for welcoming all of our staff at their home today and providing us with an Appreciation BBQ. We are very grateful for the support and generous hospitality you have shown our department! The meal was absolutely Delicious!”

It’s about time that people started to take notice that there once was a time when the only law and order on the frontier was the gun in your hand. Either bands of vigilantes enforced local rules with swift and brutal justice or there was nothing but anarchy. Men like Wyatt Earp became famous because along with his gun he carried a badge which meant he had official authority to enforce the laws. Not the local customs but the actual laws on the books, allegedly carefully crafted by duly elected lawmakers. If we don’t show appreciation for law enforcement, we’re condoning anarchy.

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