Major Player Turns Out to be Son of IRS Agent Convicted of Corruption


This isn’t actually a smoking gun revelation but when the major player in a seemingly corrupt prosecution turns out to be the son of a corrupt IRS agent, people start to wonder. David Weiss, who’s letting Hunter Biden off the hook for everything with less than a slap on the wrist seems to have a personal background story hiding in his closet. He’s the son of “a crooked Internal Revenue Service agent, records show.

Son of crooked IRS agent

People have been calling David Weiss a son of something but it wasn’t son of an IRS agent. Especially not son of a crooked revenue agent who takes bribes.

It appears that his own family tragedy has given him a psychological complex against charging anyone in the Biden family with the felonies they’re entitled to.

Meyer Weiss, New York Post is reporting, “was convicted in 1985 of taking more than $200,000 from businessmen looking to skirt federal tax laws.

Conservatives in America are wondering if dad taught David the family business.

It turns out that Meyer Weiss “worked at the IRS in Philadelphia from 1955 to 1984.

Admit it and do the time

The Washington Post was all over that story as big news back in the day. At least, he was smart enough to admit what he did and take responsibility.

Mr. Weiss confessed and cooperated in the investigation.” Apparently, his son doesn’t believe that bribery should be considered a crime.

For being so brave and honest after they caught him red handed with the goods, the IRS agent “was sentenced to four years in prison and fined $100,000.

That looks like peanuts compared to his take. Weiss was shaking down a famous dress designer for half the wives in Washington.

Records show that the elder Weiss paid in-part for his son’s college and law school tuition with money he received in bribes.

Nobody in the office of the U.S. Attorney for Delaware is returning phone calls.

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