Major Publication Slapped with Fake News Label by Watchdog

It’s about time!
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During a recent Trump rally, the President characterized the Democrat’s attacks against this administration for the way it is handling the coronavirus as a hoax.


The media and Dems, however, accused Trump of calling the coronavirus a hoax, and now they have all been caught with their hand in the cookie jar, so to speak.

Fake News Runs Rampant

Over the last few weeks, the amount of verified fake news stories via mainstream media outlets is rather staggering.

Sadly, in some cases, they are all running the same report without actually vetting the stories.

That is pretty much what happened when Politico decided to publish a story about Trump calling the coronavirus a hoax.

Their story was so blatantly false, in fact, Facebook fact-checkers have flagged the post…

Politico fake news
via Politico FB Page

Just in case Politico removes the post from its page, I also took a screenshot of why the article was flagged for fake news…

Politco fake news
via Politico FB Page

This is far from the only case of misreporting in recent days, either.

The last couple of weeks have actually had two instances of bogus news stories going viral.

The first was when details of an intelligence brief were leaked to the New York Times.

The story broke that Trump was being helped by the Russians, something that numerous high-ranking intelligence officials pushed back on.

The second was detailing measures taken by the Trump administration in terms of funding the administration has denied to the CDC and other agencies, a report that was debunked the AP.

While these stories getting debunked is important, they still do not get the coverage of the original fake news reports.

This is how the media is going to try to stop Trump… just print whatever they want, regardless of the truth, then rescind it if they have to, but the damage will have been done by then.

So, it is our job to make sure the corrections get passed around to make sure Americans know just how truly dishonest the media is when it comes to this president.


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  1. even the retarded people know better then to belive the fake news channels. .. but the people of that vote for the delusional democrats do . How can anyone be so stupid as to belive with out checking the truth . Guess they like being sheep following along blindly . They are the ones that scare me the most . These are the ones voting for the delusional democrats . So who’s the real problem

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