Majority Fed Up With Biden Performance


Not just most but “large majorities” of Americans, including Democrats, are “fed up” with the way Joe Biden is mismanaging the country. The latest CBS News/YouGov poll pegs his approval rating at a dismal 44 points. Nobody believes that anything will improve any time soon.

Joe Biden ‘disastrous’

Even liberals are starting to realize that Joe Biden is disastrous. He’s a threat to the whole nation but Democrats are waking up to the increasingly inevitable bloodbath they’re about to take in the upcoming midterm elections.

They expect to lose the House and always knew their hold on the Senate was shaky.

The poll released Sunday, May 22, makes it crystal clear that a whopping 8 of 10 voters (77%) see things in America as going “somewhat” or “very” badly.  Almost as many, 69%, think the economy is “fairly” or “very” bad.

A full 56% of likely voters “disapprove of how Biden is handling his presidential duties.” Like a booger on your finger, Democrats can’t figure out how to shake him off.

Americans are worried about the future and Joe Biden isn’t giving them any reassurance. When the pollsters quizzed about the respondents’ “expected outlook over the coming months,” a startling “68% say they are pessimistic about the economy.

Meanwhile, “77% say the same about the rising cost of goods and services, 67% are worried about the stock market and 57% express concern about their plans for retirement.” Septuagenarians will be having fist-fights in the Walmart parking lots over any open “greeter” position.

One word describes it all

When the survey asked what word describes Joe Biden the best, an amazing 77% of participants chose the word “pessimistic.

They’re ready to forget all about coronavirus and they aren’t too upset about the lack of jobs in their communities but they’re horrified by inflation rates hovering at 40-year highs and the price of gas inching up to $5 a gallon.”

Besides “pessimistic,” 57% of voters call Joe Biden “distracted,” 51% say “incompetent,” and 47% like “divisive.” Only 45% think he’s “competent” and 40% see him as “focused.”

A full 65% of voters “believe he’s slow in reacting to ‘important issues and events’ that arise — including 37% of Democrats.”

Even Democrats are worried about the state of the country. As New York Post points out, “73% say ‘uneasy’ or ‘worrying,’ 61% opt for ‘frustrating,’ while 11% say ‘calm,’ ‘secure’ 8% and ‘inspiring

If Joe Biden were up for re-election today, anyone would beat him Democrats are treating him like he has leprosy because his endorsement would be the kiss of death in November.

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