Massive Voter Fraud Uncovered in THIS State

Voter Fraud
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You know all that voter fraud that Democrats insist is not running rampant throughout the country?


Well, then can someone please explain how more than 200,000 names needed to be purged from the Wisconsin voter rolls?

Huge Implications

Wisconsin may just be the biggest prize in the general election for the candidates.

The winner of this state very well may end up in the White House come January 2021.

As such, the integrity of this election must be protected at all costs, which means removing the dead weight from the voter rolls.

Judge Paul Malloy, on Monday, ordered the Wisconsin State Election Commission to immediately purge these names, all 209,000 of them.

He also stated that “time is of the essence” and put a strategy in action to ensure the Democrats in charge of the commission play ball.

Malloy insisted there is no time to allow this case to be taken to the State Supreme Court or further, so he implemented a $50/day fine against the state.

Additionally, Malloy ordered a $250/day fine to Ann Jacobs, Julie Glancy, and Mark Thomsen, all Democrats, who are on the commission (there are also three Republicans, but they agree with the order).

When the State Justice Department asked for a stay on the order until an appeal could be made, Malloy dropped the hammer.

He stated, “I can’t be any clearer than this… They need to follow my order.”

Cleaning Up the Election

Wisconsin was a state barely carried by Trump in 2016.

While rumors of voter fraud benefitting the Democrats ran rampant, Trump squeaked by, winning the state with only 23,000 votes against Hillary.

Democrats, obviously, are fighting this measure, but Republicans are countering this purge must happen to ensure voters are not using older address to vote after they have moved.

Everyone is watching this case right now to see how it plays out, but right now it is in limbo.

The appeals court refuses to take the case because of the pending status on the state Supreme Court.

Since the state Supreme Court has not yet ruled, just how this case will proceed is unknown.

With so much at stake, we can only hope the commonsense wins out and the old names are purged from the voter rolls to ensure a legitimate election in this key battleground state.

      1. Me and My daughter have been trying to get her off the role for 20 years and still her name was in the book last time I voted last year and they said she must not be voting in Texas and her husband said she has voted the last 20 years with him! and they send Mail her for her to my address and she been gone to Texas 29 years and people get her name from voter Registery no doubt or why they do not send it to Texas where she has been for 30 years and never moved back her period!!

  1. Wouldn’t be wonderful if we had Political Parties who didn’t cheat and were willing to accept the WILL of the People. Ah, but greed and power and then money came into picture just as biblical “apple” of Adam & Eve fame. We probably will never get thirst for power out of the equation but we can sure crimp it’s opportunity by placing a two term limit on elected political jobs No more lifetime jobs, get and out an start to earn a true living!!!! Second , total ban on raising funds outside the boundary of the position you are running to be elected. No out of State or political pax funds allowed at all. Take the fat pensions of the Congress roll all those funds into the pension plan Social Security. They along with any citizen has Right to pay for private pension from their private funds. Reform Civic Service so as to eliminate the unelected bureaucracy, by limiting number years in Civic Service to 10 years total.

  2. I believe from direct observation of half my wife’s siblings & mother , from Wisconsin , liberals have NO “cause & effect” , logical common sense ! I ask M.I.L. why they voted for obama & hillary – –“because our family always votes democrat our whole lives ” ! So I said ” even if they are all known criminals , into every form of corruption possible , for the past 30 years ? ” . – no response , like hasn’t a clue about the constant criminal activity ….. Me : ” well how da*n stupid can you possibly get , you don’t even know what you are voting for ? ! ”
    I have very little to do with her & that bunch now ., for that reason & 37 years of other , previous reasons . Fortunately I kept my kids away from them for over 30 years and glad I did !

  3. Mail-in voting is a fraud waiting to happen. The way most states are doing it this year, clearly it is not possible to prevent that fraud if the state starts with dirty voter registration rolls. Judicial Watch is following voting patterns in this country very well and they report that about 360 counties in the US have more registered voters than voting age citizens. Los Angeles county had 1,750,000 more voters registered than there were eligible voters, Wisconsin has 200,000, Pennsylvania has 800,000 and almost every state has counties with bad voter rolls. In a race which is certain to be close, those fraud votes will definitely make a difference. Couple it with vote buying (as is going on in Minnesota), vote harvesting (which several states have adopted), discarded votes (such as is being done in Pennsylvania) and the USPS “losing” ballots from Republican parts of the county and with the visceral hatred the Democrats have for Trump and voter fraud will positively happen. Whether this fraud causes a change in the winner, it will almost certainly delay vote counting and, if a winner is not known by December 15, electors cannot be seated and the election goes to the House of Representatives and they elect the winner. Pelosi has already told her caucus to prepare for such an election.

  4. Why, why, WHY can’t Wisconsin and other states run voting lists against “the dead file” and tell us how many dead people actually voted? I am so tired of scary words about dead people on voting lists, without easily produceable proof that they’re voting. Please tell us the size of the problem!

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