Matt Gaetz Massive Announcement!

matt gaetz
matt gaetz

This is some big news. There has been speculation that Congressman Matt Gaetz is considering running for governor of Florida in 2026. And recent stories about his attendance at a reception hosted by Miami Republican state Rep. Danny Perez have only added more fuel to the fire. Considering Gaetz’s close relationship with Trump paired with his strong presence in politics, it comes as no surprise that Gaetz would be hinting at this move.

Here’s what we know so far about the possible campaign.

Gaetz appeared to be the center of attention at the recent gathering held by Perez, and he made many hints about running for governor during the event, according to four attendees who spoke with NBC News.

A longtime Florida Republican lobbyist was present and noted that there was “a lot of talk” about it, adding that Gaetz told people they could expect him to make a bid one day.

When asked directly by NBC News if he was planning on running for governor, Gaetz stated: “Many did encourage me to consider running for governor one day. But we have an outstanding governor who will be in that position through 2026.”

He then reiterated his main focus as being “Trump 2024″.

This statement suggests he won’t be making any official announcements just yet – but it hasn’t completely shut down speculation either.

Gaetz has aligned himself closely with Trump on many issues over the years and Trump has publicly praised him on multiple occasions – so it stands to reason that he would lend support if Gaetz decided to officially enter into the race.

John Morgan, a notable Democratic political donor from Florida, weighed in on this situation noting “I think he will [run]. He will be running in a large field… Trump’s endorsement alone gets him [30% vote]”.

The sentiment was echoed by a GOP operative saying “I think Gaetz is an instant front-runner and from what I hear he’s already won the Trump primary.”

Although there is much excitement surrounding Gaetz’s potential run for office, there are also concerns around how his tension-filled relationship with current Florida Governor Ron DeSantis might impact things – especially if they were both vying for votes under similar platforms.

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