Mayor Strips 2a Rights Amidst Chaos


Mayor Keith James of West Palm Beach enacted a 72-hour State of Local Emergency that stripped constitutional rights by including a ban on gun and ammunition sales in the Florida city.


The declaration, which first took place on May 31, was in response to the violent riots relating to George Floyd’s death – a man who died while in police custody last month.

Mayor Tries to Justify Unconstitutional Act 

The controversial declaration can be found in full online and it starts by stating that there “has been an act of violence or a flagrant and substantial defiance of, or resistance to, a lawful exercise of public authority.”

So it appears that upstanding citizens who want to purchase firearms to protect themselves against violent protesters and looters were punished for others’ actions.

It continues to discuss further violent acts which include “widespread disobedience of the law, and substantial injury to persons or to property; all of which constitutes an imminent threat to public peace or order and to the general welfare of the City of West Palm Beach.”

Those were the reasons listed in why the mayor declared the State of Local Emergency, which ultimately banned “the sale of, or offer to sell, with or without consideration, any ammunition or gun or other firearm of any size of description.”

As Breitbart News reported, he also took aim at firearm stores or places where guns were sold by banning “the intentional display by or in any store or shop of any ammunition or gun or other firearm of any size or description.”

Strips Rights for Public Self-Defense 

To make matters even more controversial, Mayor James outlawed citizens carrying guns in public for self-defense purposes.

Yes, making it illegal for peaceful, law-abiding citizens to protect themselves against violent mobs seems like a great idea.

Granted, this was only a 72-hour order, but it provides a slippery slope on permanently stripping away Second Amendment rights altogether.

Cancel the Constitution Culture

The Constitution clearly provides citizens of the United States the right to protect themselves.

The Second Amendment reads: “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

Note that nowhere in the text reads that this is all null and void if riot menaces decide to terrorize society.

Mayor’s Hypocrisy Exposed

James made another order on Tuesday demanding all flags be flown at half staff in memorial of George Floyd, 25 WPBF News reported. He called his decision a way to support a powerful movement that Floyd is responsible.

“This is a movement unlike any other, black, white, old, young….are all taking to the streets to express anger and frustration. People are just tired of being tired,” James said.

Hold on a minute. James backed up his Second Amendment stripping order by spotlighting the violent protests. But now he’s hailing the movement as a positive thing and supporting the people taking to the streets because it’s a way “to express anger and frustration.”

What about the people who are the victims of the frustrated and angry rioters? Well, thanks to Mayor James, those people lost the ability to obtain guns to protect themselves from the very people he is standing with.

Does chaos give reason to take away Americans’ rights? Well, in this mayor’s mind the answer is yes. Create chaos and gain control – not a good thing for politicians to start to realize. 

The bottom line is this Florida city mayor’s declaration was entirely unconstitutional and for Americans who value our constitutional rights, it should be unacceptable.

  1. None of these Mayors or Governors have the Balls to call it what it is: MOB RULE, INSURECTION, ANARCHY, their idea of political posturing IS Abetting the destruction of their cities and states and are just as Guilty as the Arsonists and Thieves and should be held accountable

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