Michelle Obama Praises Sicko Harvey Weinstein Proving How DISGUSTING She Really is

She can’t deny it now.
Michelle Obama
Photo via White House YouTube Video Screenshot

Yesterday, Harvey Weinstein was convicted of rape and a criminal sex act.

Yet, here is Michelle Obama back in 2013 telling everyone how wonderful Harvey Weinstein really is…

Can’t Deny It Now

Weinstein has always been celebrated by D.C. because he loaded up the coffers of Democrat candidates.

They didn’t care about anything he did or that he was raping women at the time because he put up money.

And let’s be clear, what Weinstein was doing was not exactly a secret in 2013.

Plenty of women had made accusations against Weinstein and the rumors flying around Hollywood were not exactly whispers, yet Michelle Obama acted like he was the greatest thing since sliced bread, literally calling him a “wonderful human being.”

Sadly, Michelle Obama is not the only one, as other high-profile liberals like Whoopi Goldberg have praised him in the past and even made excuses for him after he was arrested.

The Party of Perversion

Now, I am not ignorant to think that there are not some sexual shenanigans going on in the Republican party.

However, when we see true sexual perversion, meaning rapes, assaults, and children being involved, it always seems to be the left that is the guilty party, especially among its donors.

Jeffrey Epstein, a personal friend of Bill Clinton, was using teenagers as sex slaves.

We also know Bill Clinton flew on his private jet multiple times and vacationed at his private island.

What does anyone think happened there? Bill was going for the beaches?

Michelle Obama and company looked the other way and they always have for the sake of the almighty dollar.

More than ever, we need to remind Americans that this is the party of Joe Biden, of Pete Buttigieg, and yes, even Bernie Sanders, to ensure we do not let these lowlifes back in the Oval Office ever again.

  1. Democraps love the Criminal world this can be seen in how they gut laws of their ability to punish. They really love those who commit sex crimes. They especially love RAPISTS and PEDOPHILES. Just look at Slick Willie and Jeffery Epstein they protected both until Epstein became a danger to the rest of the Democraps then he had to die.

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