ATTN: Mega Conglomerate Has a New Way to Control Your Freedoms

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Smartphones have been used in the fight against COVID-19 through test and trace systems to contain the virus in places like South Korea and Taiwan. Now, scientists are harnessing smartphones again to identify coronavirus particles on surfaces as an additional line of defense against the pandemic, alongside more robust treatments such as vaccines and antiviral drugs.


Big Tech wants more control over our lives

Researchers at General Electric have been awarded a National Institutes of Health grant to develop tiny sensors that can be embedded in mobiles to detect the presence of COVID-19 nano-particles. Who knows if this thing will be accurate.

The team behind the miniature tech claims that it boasts the same detection capabilities as far larger analytical instruments that you’d typically find in a lab. Following a decade of experiments, they claim they can fine-tune the tiny widget to isolate virus particles without interference from other elements. They’re hoping people who are skeptical of vaccines will adopt this new tech.

“Our sensors are sort of like bloodhounds,” said Radislav Potyrailo, a principal scientist at GE Research. “We train them to detect a specific thing, and they are able to do that well without being thrown off the trail by something else.”

The globalists are desperate to inject us with experimental vaccines

With the help of the grant, the team will now spend the next two years refining their fingertip-sized sensor in the hopes of placing it inside devices — ranging from phones to smartwatches to wall-mounted gadgets — in the future. Apparently the vaccines aren’t enough. Though there’s no guarantee the tech will actually make it into iPhones and Android handsets, it’s easy to envision how it could be used as an extra layer of protection against viruses in the future. GE’s hope is that one day we’ll all be able to whip out our phones to scan for COVID-19 or flu particles at airports, stores, ATM machines and at home.

This news comes as other big tech companies scramble to capitalize on the COVID hysteria and hopefully, score some major government contracts. Several apps are already in development to store what is being called a “vaccine passport.” This would show a person’s vaccination status and allow them entry into certain establishments that are requiring proof of the shot. We are entering a dystopian nightmare where the globalists are seeking total control of our lives and movement. Buckle up patriots.

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