Michelle Obama’s Golden Child Lands in HOT Water

Michelle Obama
Photo Courtesy of Gage Skidmore via Creative Commons License

“Empire” star Jussie Smollett just found out he is back in some major legal trouble.

And yes, this is the same Jussie Smollett who Michelle Obama helped get out of trouble in the first place!

The MAGA Attack Hoax

Back in January 2019, Jussie Smollett got the brilliant idea that staging a hate attack himself was a good idea.

He hired two men for the job that were associated with this show to carry out the attack.

Smollett showed up on social media with a busted-up face, claiming two white men wearing MAGA hats beat him up and tried to hang him while using racial and homophobic slurs, telling him it was “MAGA country.”

Within a matter of days, the Chicago PD figured out this was all a hoax and they hammered Smollett with more than a dozen felony charges.

Lawrence Jones III claimed at the time that former First Lady Michelle Obama’s chief of staff made some phone calls to try to get Smollett off the hook.

State Attorney Kim Foxx ended up dropping all the charges against Smollett in a deal that was not completely disclosed*, which raised more than a few eyebrows.

Jones, at the time, stated, “We know that Michelle Obama’s chief of staff made some phone calls.

“I would also note that the reason why they released this now is because after the Trump investigation was concluded they knew during the news cycle this was the perfect time to release this.”

He later added, “[Michelle Obama] has the best approval rating out of any first lady or presidential candidate right now. Everybody thinks flowers about Michelle Obama.

“This will be sweeped [sic] under the rug. This is why it was the chief of staff that did it, so she wouldn’t take the hit. I think people are still going to love her.”

Jones also correctly stated that Smollett had almost singlehandedly started a race war in this country.

New Charges Filed

When the initial deal was made, Foxx was raked over the coals by everyone under the sun.

The presiding judge ended up assigning a special prosecutor to the case, Daniel Webb.

Webb, on Tuesday, stated the charges never should have been dropped in the first place and he filed six new charges of disorderly conduct against Smollett.

Smollett and his attorney are claiming this is political, stating, “This indictment raises serious questions about the integrity of the investigation that led to the renewed charges against Mr. Smollett, not the least of which is the use of the same CPD detectives who were part of the original investigation into the attack on Mr. Smollett to conduct the current investigation, despite Mr. Smollett’s pending civil claims against the City of Chicago and CPD officers for malicious prosecution. 

“And one of the two witnesses who testified before the grand jury is the very same detective Mr. Smollett is currently suing for his role in the initial prosecution of him.”

“After more than five months of investigation, the Office of the Special Prosecutor has not found any evidence of wrongdoing whatsoever related to the dismissal of the charges against Mr. Smollett. 

“Rather, the charges were appropriately dismissed the first time because they were not supported by the evidence.  The attempt to re-prosecute Mr. Smollett one year later on the eve of the Cook County State’s Attorney election is clearly all about politics not justice.”

The fact of the matter is that Smollett did, in fact, break the law.

The evidence against him is overwhelming and the time and money that the Chicago PD wasted, a city that is already overwhelmed in corruption and crime, needs to be accounted for.

At the very least, Smollett should be made to pay for resources wasted and ideally, he is put behind bars for a short time simply to let people know these fake hate crimes will not be tolerated.

*Authors note… as part of the original settlement negotiated by Foxx, Smollett was forced to pay $10,000 of the $130,000 in costs from the investigation.

  1. Michelle Obama SHOULD have NEVER gotten involved in this investigation ! Of course, if it had been a WHITE person, instead of BLACK, she would have never had her Chief of Staff do anything !
    She is a Racist, was a racist, and this has been proven, MANY times over, with both her words, and actions !

  2. I don’t give a tinker’s damn what that Gorilla thinks or says … it belongs in a ZOO ! Throw a dozen bananas its way and it will STFU !

  3. Michelle Obama says Smollett didn’t deserve to be punished for laws he obviously broke and everyone is cool with it-Trump suggests that Roger Stone was screwed by getting a nine year jail sentence for telling a lie and it’s time to fire up the impeachment investigations, again. From where I sit, it appears that the corrupt, crooked, evil and insane Democrats own the justice system in the US, lock, stock and barrel. If we are to maintain a system of laws in this country, we are simply going to have to tackle this problem and make certain that lady justice is blinded again.

  4. no evidence? are you f’ing kidding me? there is video…Foxx needs to be investigated and Smollett should be charged with a hate crime…f**k this BS

  5. Is that something with Muslim women or the wannabe Muslim women, they always seem to be walking around with that one finger up?

  6. Not only is she a racists , but now she’s a total waste of time as a first lady . She now puts shame on the name first lady . She’s no lady . Not acting like a racists against white people . After all their the problem with our country … her words , not mine , being half white myself . Guess Iam a half breed trouble maker to her . It’s always the real racists calling others a racists . It’s easy to call out others to get what you want . I could call out Michele for being black and how blacks helped whites kill off the red man … not inslave them , kill them . So in a way she owes me … so pay up . I’ll wait . No forget it then I’d be called a racists trying to get what I want … wait …. I may want to change my mind . I’ll think about it and get back to ya . I don’t know who thinks of her as the flower of our country . Mrs trump puts her to shame . And poor Michele couldn’t hold a match to Mrs JFK . Hell she can’t even hold up to Betty ford . She was a sweet heart from the get go . To bad she’s the first black lady and she s rewed that up big time . Like I said she’s no lady . Get the facts right befor posting it . By doing that your racists is showing

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