MSMs Attempt to Justify the Murdering of Thousands of Americans


One progressive pundit devoted a full 3,400 words in an attempt to justify the murder of Americans by the thousands. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is taking some serious heat from the right these days and since he’s a Democrat he can do no wrong.

Left-wing media justify the murders

Now that the network media can’t kick Donald Trump around on a daily basis they’re wracking their liberal brains trying to come up with something to write.

They decided to set the record wrong with an attempt to justify the way Andrew Cuomo sent elderly patients to death. He did it by setting up conditions which concentrated the most vulnerable Covid patients together in one place with those already confirmed infected.

There is no way to possibly deny that on March 25, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo directed his health commissioner, Dr. Howard Zucker, to release a memo “directing nursing homes to help free up hospital beds by taking Covid-19 patients into their facilities.”

Conservative Americans see that as a death warrant for around 15,000 elderly patients who died in the state’s nursing homes but liberals think they have a way to justify it. Cuomo realized what he did and when he tried to cover up the numbers, he got caught in that scandal too. To make things worse, he was allegedly sexually harassing his staff on a daily basis while elderly Americans died on his orders. In deep blue New York, he’ll probably be re-elected in a landslide.

The experts agree that “Cuomo’s policy was ill-advised” but that doesn’t stop the media from trying to justify it anyway. They start with the “reasonable doubt” defense.

“there are still plenty of questions about how the health department supervised nursing homes during the pandemic.” In other words, throw the health department under the bus. According to one writer, “the simple notion that by sending Covid-19 patients to nursing homes Cuomo flooded them with virus and caused thousands of unnecessary deaths does not hold up.”

Infected employees to blame

The theory used by the media to defend Cuomo is that the “coronavirus was mainly brought into nursing homes by employees, many of whom never developed symptoms.” Conservative lawmaker Tom Reed isn’t buying it.

“Governor Cuomo’s disastrous March order knowingly sent Covid-positive patients into nursing homes, which led to the deaths of thousands of the state’s parents and grandparents.” There’s simply no way to justify that.

There is also no way to deny that “Cuomo underreported thousands of nursing home deaths.” They don’t even try to justify that. Even Democratic Assemblyman Ron Kim notes, Cuomo’s order led to “the spread of the disease among New York’s most vulnerable population.

And then, to cover his tracks, the governor may have obstructed justice.” Meanwhile the media plays it down. “Most evidence indicates the March 25 directive played a minor role in spreading the disease.”

The simplest way to justify the horrible death order Cuomo issued is by confusing the issue with statistics. You start with someone who’s willing to say the things you want said, then let them wrap it in a few layers of confusing jargon with out of context statistics to back it up.

“Statistically, their calculations indicated that ‘several hundred’ to ‘possibly more than 1,000’ deaths might be attributed to hospital discharges spurred by the March 25 memo. Or they might not.”

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