National Guard No Help Against San Francisco Zombies


The National Guard is no match for zombies. California’s Democrat Governor Gavin Newsom called in the troops to take back the streets of San Francisco’s Tenderloin district. Guardsmen backed by highway patrol cops took one look at the mindless hunched-over masses shuffling toward them and bugged out. They “keep coming back day after day.” They decided to give support from the sidelines and let the city police do their jobs. Are you crazy? Cops demand to know. They don’t get paid enough for that.

Zombies outnumber police

They move slow and hunched over but there are so many Zombies shuffling around liberal San Francisco that they overwhelm police with sheer numbers. No matter how many cops are on the street, the drugged out urban campers just keep coming.

The dilemma is eating the brains of city officials who need to stem the hemorrhage of retreating retailers. Merchants are fleeing in fear along with the rest of the tax base.

Because their local police have been so defunded and demoralized that they’ve become useless as a deterrent to zombies and other criminals, “San Francisco brought in the National Guard and California Highway Patrol.

Four days later, they basically admitted defeat. Drug deals “are still going down on the streets,” sources report. The city went back to the drawing board to rethink their strategy.

The city was praised for at least admitting the crisis and announcing “it would take a tougher stance on crime after an exodus of retailers plagued by theft, dwindling tourism and 200 overdose deaths in three months.” That, officials recognized, has put the city in a “doom loop.

They controversially declared open season on the Zombies. As Mayor London Breed promised, “using CHP officers and the National Guard as support to curb drug trafficking,” was just the “aggressive step” the city needed to take. They took it with six freeway bike cops and 14 National Guardsmen.

Tenderloin swapmart for drugs

The CHP traffic officers were “deployed to the Tenderloin and South Market districts, where open drug use has become rampant.” They got a good look around and had a sudden desire to be back out on a nice safe freeway. Meanwhile, the National Guard is stationed safely in an office building and providing “analytical support” to track drug deals that involve cartels.

CHP quickly declared they would stick to what they do best, “handling traffic.” That allowed the “beat cops” to go out and beat down the zombies. The plan was to “focus on patrolling the streets and making arrests,” San Francisco Police Chief Bill Scott explains. Too bad it didn’t work.

According to Lieutenant Tracy McCray, vice president of the San Francisco Police Officers Association, it won’t make any difference. “To be perfectly and brutally honest, do you think [zombies] are really counting the number of officers in the street,” she admitted frankly to local reporters.

That’s not happening and they don’t care. Right now, I see blocks in San Francisco where people are just using out in the open and there is no one telling them, ‘Hey, you shouldn’t be doing this.” Including the police. “That’s why they keep coming back day after day.

Chief Scott isn’t talking about the statistics. “Scott said some drugs arrests have been made since the CHP rollout but declined to give exact numbers at a police commission meeting on Wednesday.” He also had to explain to the community why the National Guard isn’t on the front lines rounding up dangerous zombies at the point of a gun.

They are not going to be ‘boots on the ground‘ in the streets of San Francisco, no military equipment or anything. They are analytical and administrative support and this is going to be an ongoing partnership.” Meanwhile, the zombies just keep coming. “Drug deals go down every day at all hours and even across the street from the federal building. The city has invested millions of dollars into the homeless and drug crisis but none of it is working.

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