Video: Police Release Footage of Deadly Shootout With Gang Members


Rioters and the left have waged war against police officers and blame law enforcement when criminals are killed.

Bodycam Footage Vindicates Police

That is exactly why one police chief released video footage showing the truth of what actually happened in a shooting incident.

Pasco Chief of Police of Washington, Ken Roske, released damning footage of a shootout between police and criminals on May 17.

The bodycam footage shows two murder suspects engage in a gun battle with police, Law Enforcement Today reports.

Police Find Shooting Victims in May

Pasco officer responded to a call on April 29 and found one male dead and two others injured who were then transported to local hospitals.

Reports say the men were fixing a broken backyard fence when shots were fired – wounding two, Antonio Larios and Eusiah A. Stell, both age 18 and killing Luis “Oso” Contreras, age 29.

Detectives say they believe this was a gang-related occurrence because the three murder suspects carefully planned out the attack on the home. They located surveillance cameras and noted which direction the cameras pointed.

Murder Suspects at Large

One of the suspects was caught by the police, but two cousins Juan M. Montalvo and Miguel A. Montalvo remained on the loose.

Almost out of a movie, the two at large suspects went back to the original murder scene to try and kill the witness, the Franklin County Superior Court documents show.

The cousins broke into the house and open fired at the residents where they shot two people and a family made it out alive as the suspected murders fled on foot.

The Montalvo’s then hijacked a car at gunpoint while kidnapping the car owner in the process – who they locked in the trunk. The victim managed to escape and reported what happened to the police.

A few hours later, police acted on a lead that the cousins were hold up at a house located in the 700 block of North 12 Street.

Officers Attempt to Find the Criminals

The released body cam video shows a police officer calling for back up and SWAT.

Law Enforcement Today reports:

“The released body cameras of Detective Joshua Glass and Officer Eric Fox, show what happened when they went to apprehend the wanted cousins, where Juan Montalvo was fatally shot and Miguel Montalvo was wounded.

The video clearly shows the suspects firing first on the officers as they were yelling for the suspects to stop shooting and put down the guns. The officers can be seen returning fire even as one of the suspects reloaded his weapon and continued firing on them.”

Gang Violence Taking Over

Gang activity in this area is particularly high with Hispanic gangs comprising a large part of the violence.

The video released by the police chief is an example of the violent and sometimes deadly incidents officers face on a daily basis to try and protect innocent Americans.

  1. When will law enforcement be allowed to just start arresting gang members and transporting them to locked down little towns of their own where they can proceed to kill each other off as they want and we wont have to deal with them. Just put a huge electric fence around them with a few of bunk houses and kitchens along with food and let them do what they do best while the rest of us live without fear they sill do a drive by and kill a child or us.

  2. what part of the word illegal is it that Liberals don’t understand any American who enters Mexico illegally is jailed and ransomed out if ever released

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