New Poll Drops a Devastating Bombshell on Bernie Sanders

Bernie is not going to like this one bit.
Bernie Sanders
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Bernie Sanders is off to a fast start in the 2020 primary.

He basically tied in the first two states with Buttigieg and it looks like he is going to come out of Nevada with a win.

Everything should be strawberries and whipped cream, right? But it’s not, at least according to the latest NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll.

People Have Concerns

Bernie has a movement and his followers are just as loyal as Trump supporters.

His wins look more impressive than they actually are because of the size of the field.

Honestly, if he was going head-to-head with either Bloomberg or Biden right now, he probably gets slaughtered.

He’s not, though, and right now, he is running away this primary.

When it comes to a general election, though, that could change rather significantly, because the latest poll shows a majority of registered voters have issues with voting for a candidate that recently had a heart attack.

The NBC/WSJ Poll

The poll results were both good and bad for Bernie as well as showing some rather significant trends.

First, 57 percent of those polled were either “very uncomfortable” or “had some reservations” about pulling the handle for someone with recent heart issues.

The bad news for Democrats, though, is that other than Pete Buttigieg, the entire field is collecting social security.

The good news out of the poll for Bernie is that nationally, he is polling at 27 percent, just about doubling Joe Biden at 15 percent.

Behind Biden was a log jam of candidates at 14 and 13 percent.

There was also a rather huge roadblock for Sanders in the poll as well, with 67 percent of those polled having reservations about voting for a socialist candidate.

This is something I have pointed to all along in that even if Bernie dominates this primary with as much as 35 percent of the overall vote, it means nothing come the general election.

Moderate Democrats and Independents will not vote for him and while they may not vote for Trump, they will just sit on the sidelines and allow this to play out.

As Americans, though, we really need to start looking at the influences of our children, because voters under 35 are where Sanders is dominating.

They wall want everything free, which means parents are not instilling the right ethics into their children.

When you give them everything for nothing, have an uber-politically correct environment that rewards mediocrity, and refuse to discipline them, this is what you get.

We have a full generation of young adults that could probably not name a single Founding Father and they are literally voting to turn this country into the next Russia.

Someone has to take the blame for that, and that person is likely staring back at millions of parents in the mirror every morning.

  1. The statement said all but one of the candidates were collecting Social Security. If Sanders has been in politics all his working life, how is he collecting Social Security?

  2. Ah yes…the young fools who want instant gratification, everything free mentality and some old fools who are just plain fools who think Socialism works. They claim what Bernie represents isn’t Socialism. These people are in the twilight zone.

  3. America will not vote for a Socialist or Communist President ( Bernie is really Commie, and Unelectable) in my lifetime! Biden seems to have it on toast, but I strongly recommend noty selecting Killary as VP. He will suicide for sure!

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