New Report on Starving Elites Draws Many Questions


Food accessibility is so drastically limited that the starving party “elites” are being “caught illegally trying to sell their assets” along the Chinese border. Is North Korea’s economy imploding? Already at the breaking point? A new report out Thursday says that analysts agree. “North Korea’s economy could be susceptible to collapse because of the prolonged suspension of trade with China.”


Even elites are starving

The economic situation in North Korea is grim and getting worse day-by-day. Even the party elites are starving. That puts a lot of pressure on Kim Jong Un to stop playing with his rockets and come to the bargaining table but he continues to believe he can out maneuver the Pentagon.

It doesn’t help that His Wisdom Joe Biden occupies the Imperial Palace. He can’t even seal a border.

Locking down borders is one thing that Kim has down solid but that isn’t stopping desperately starving party elites from sneaking down to the fence and trying to trade some gold or aluminum for something to eat.

European news outlet Deutsche Welle reported on Thursday that “analysts are in agreement about the adverse impact North Korea’s border shutdown is having on the general population.” The ones who can’t breed bunnies for food are allegedly down to eating grass again.

It doesn’t help that “COVID-19 quarantine restrictions have been used to tighten control over daily life.”

The outlet quotes Lina Yoon, a North Korea specialist at Human Rights Watch to note “that based on personal accounts and other uncorroborated evidence, the situation in the isolated country could be reaching a breaking point.” They’re starving. “I have been hearing that the situation is dire. Food accessibility is limited and people are having a hard time accessing daily necessities,” Yoon asserts.

It all comes from China

In January of 2020, along with the rest of the world, North Korea closed its border with China. At first they allowed a “few essential goods to pass checkpoints,” but that ended in late 2020 when the areas were sealed off entirely. Michael Madden, a 38 North contributor relates that almost “all of North Korea’s trade is conducted with China.” The extended shutdown has gone on for so long now that “Korean elites could be hurting.”

They’re starving right along with the unwashed masses. He relays “credible reports” of North Korean elites being “caught illegally trying to sell their assets,” which include “gold or aluminum” at the Chinese border. “These are elite people looking out for their future,” Madden adds.

Kim has been using “COVID-19 as a pretext to tighten social controls.” That means ordinary “North Koreans could be eating fewer meals a day.” The starving people aren’t real happy about it but they have no say in the matter at all. Kim blames the failure on his Party Congress.

“Kim Jong Un said at North Korea’s Eighth Party Congress in January that the regime’s past five-year plan had failed.” He has a new one. Like Wile E. Coyote, “Kim’s new five-year plan is being promoted in state media.”

Also on Thursday, KCNA reported that Kim sent a letter off to the General Federation of Trade Unions of Korea ordering them to get their acts together and increase production. So what if they’re starving? They wouldn’t be if they did their jobs he scolds.

According to Kim, “self-sufficiency should be the key to realizing the plan’s goals.” That means he’s going to keep his nuclear program running so forget about sanctions being lifted. Workers, he orders, should solve their own problem and work “through our own efforts and by own technology.” That way they can “resolutely reject proclivity to import and reliance on others.”

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