New Shocking Details About Our ‘Woke’ Military


While troops in Kabul struggle to evacuate thousands of people and fighters soar overhead, the leadership of the United States military continues to push leftist indoctrination on recruits. The U.S. Air Force Academy is doing its part with a video which cadets are required to watch and which is intended to cement support for the Black Lives Matter movement. The Air Force should probably, given current events, have some other priorities in mind.


Military being taught to support BLM

The Pentagon under the Biden Administration has made it clear that it intends to repopulate the military with individuals who will be sufficiently loyal to the regime.

Joint Chiefs Chairman Mark Milley, along with other high ranking officers, has vowed before Congress that the military as a whole will work to fight against “white rage.”

This seems to be the only thing which top generals and admirals are remotely capable of fighting in the Biden era; Milley and his associates can at least be thankful for the fact that their ideological crusade at home can distract from their abysmal record abroad.

The Air Force Academy video teaches cadets to recognize “problematic” and “insensitive” language as part of a new indoctrination course in “Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion.”

Cadets are explicitly meant to show sympathy for the aims of the Black Lives Matter movement, a force which contributed to the burning and looting of American cities in 2020.

Individuals joining the military to serve their country are instead being taught to serve the ideology which is bringing the United States ever closer to ruin.

Ability to win wars not essential

The contrast between events in Afghanistan and the new course at the Air Force Academy is striking. The same theme can be seen in every branch of the new military.

Afghanistan was conquered in a matter of days by an army which has spent two decades on the run from American bombs and drone strikes.

America’s opponents in Afghanistan won that war through their undeniable grit and resilience in the face of overwhelming firepower. The U.S. military is teaching a generation of future leaders about problematic language and the virtues of kneeling for the local BLM mob.

These things are symptoms of a superpower in decline; the Soviet Union collapsed shortly after its withdrawal from Afghanistan and the Biden Administration appears to be doing its best to follow that example.

After a catastrophic failure abroad the Pentagon should be attempting to find out how it managed to squander the most powerful military in the world in a fight against men with sandals and old rifles.

Instead,  Biden Administration is committing itself to creating future generations of loyalists who are more at home while attending a BLM march than fighting a war.

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