Nikki Haley Bombshell… She is LIVID

Nikki Haley
Photo Courtesy of U.S. Secretary of Defense via Creative Commons License

Somehow, Nikki Haley continues to surge.

I honestly thought she shot herself in the foot with her doxxing comments about social media, but people seem to be embracing her even more.

With Ron DeSantis slipping in polling in New Hampshire, the Florida Governor has decided to go on the attack.

Time to Fight Back

DeSantis, for the most part, has tried to keep his campaign positive.

Unfortunately, in politics, positive does not work as people seem to react far better to the negative.

With Haley now having surpassed DeSantis in the New Hampshire polling, Ron is now taking direct aim at Haley.

DeSantis launched a new website to call out Haley over her “liberal” past.

On the new site, DeSantis claims that Haley “isn’t the conservative she says she is” and has been “supportive of every liberal cause under the sun.”

The site is called, “Who is the real Nikki Haley?”

I have to say, this video is pretty damaging, or at least it should be…

With such a major focus on China right now, this is an attack that DeSantis hopes hits home.

DeSantis is currently leading candidates with the ad spend on negative ads against, more than 50 percent over what has been taken out against Joe Biden.

This just reminds me so much of the 2016 election when everyone was hitting Trump.

For a man who is a distance second in polling, there sure are a lot of people worried about him and trying to take him out.

Source: New York Post

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