NY Criminal Arrested and Released 3x in a Single Day…Here is Your Daily Dose of Dem Policy Fails

Epic failure…
NY Criminal
Photo via CBS 6 Albany Video Screenshot

When a criminal can commit numerous crimes within the space of a few hours, getting arrested for every one of them individually, there is clearly something wrong with the process.

That, however, was the exact situation Troy, NY police officers found themselves facing when Scott Nolan went on an alleged crime spree.

Do the Crime, Do the Time

I will be the first to admit that some of our sentencing guidelines need to be changed.

That, however, is not the same as playing catch and release all day with a known criminal.

Scott Nolan, according to local police, is a known offender with a 50-page criminal history.

Even so, he was able to commit three crimes within a 7-hour period, having been arrested and released the first two times.

Nolan was arrested at 9:00 a.m. for shoplifting, then released without bail.

Around 2:30 p.m. he assaulted a man, and yet again, was released without bail.

Finally, around 4:30 p.m. after hitting someone with a brick, Nolan was kept in custody.

Liberals are getting their wish in keeping bodies out of prison but in the process, they are frustrating police, wasting resources, and killing the morale of local police officers.

Nicholas Laviano, the president of the Troy Police Union, stated, “They just basically become a reactive instead of a proactive police department.”

He later added, “It’s a morale killer.

“They know that they’re not out there doing the real police work that they want to be doing.”

This is but one case, as we have seen far worse in New York City, most recently being an illegal that was apprehended, allowed to go free, then he killed an elderly woman.

All liberal policies are doing are making our cities less safe.

Dallas recently enacted similar policies, and we have seen the homicide rate go through the roof, as well as seeing more violent crimes throughout the city.

When you cater to criminals, you do not make the city safer, quite the opposite.

You also crush the morale of police offers who will sooner or later start looking the other way knowing that the person that they want to arrest is only going to be back out on the street before they finish writing up their paperwork.

Simply put, bail reform is an epic failure and New York needs to seriously reconsider this legislation before the state has even more blood on its hands.

  1. what NY and Cali are doing is absolutely insane…the police are right, why bother if they are let out as soon as they get in…maybe we all should become criminals

  2. Scenario: man commits 3 crimes in one day, with the last ending in the death of a 34 year old man. Brother is so irate at the liberal routine sweeping America. Snaps and hunts down the man with 121 arrests. Finds him and the rest is history. Who could blame him?

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