Oakland Port at Standstill as Truck Strike Drags On For Days


On Wednesday, around 450 protesting truckers were on hand to keep the Port of Oakland blockaded, as they’ve been doing since Monday. The guerrilla strike operation continued into its fourth day Thursday with independent truck drivers vowing “the cargo won’t flow until AB5 goes.

Port of Oakland at a standstill

The rabidly liberal nanny-state of California regulated independent contractors to death, literally. They call the offensive Assembly Bill measure “AB5.” To fight back, independent truck drivers shut the Port of Oakland. What’s going on there is a lot like the “farmercide” they’re committing over in Europe, which will be spreading here soon, too, just like Covid.

The controversial bill “seeks to limit the use of independent contractors and largely classify them as employee drivers.” Doing that would put the entire industry in California out of business, overnight. It already passed three years ago but has been tangled up in court ever since. The part that effects trucking is supposed to go into effect now.

On Wednesday, July 20, FreightWaves reported that every terminal gate at the Port was totally blocked, “forcing TraPac and the largest terminal operator, Oakland International Container Terminal, also known as SSA, to close operations.”

Roberto Bernardo, director of communications for the Port, wasn’t happy to relate that “the port’s other three marine terminals are effectively shut down for trucks as well. There are some vessel labor operations underway.

The short haul “drayage” truckers on the first shift weren’t working at all by Wednesday so TraPac told everyone else to stay home “due to ongoing protests interfering with the in-gate.” They aren’t working Thursday either.

As they clearly spell out to alleged Governor Gavin Newsom, “the cargo won’t flow until AB5 goes.” According to Kimberly Sulsar-Campos, vice president of Oakland based Iraheta Bros. Trucking, “Governor Newsom continues to ignore the independent truckers who are the backbone of America.


Asking for an exemption

The truckers say the state can try their nanny state nonsense on other industries but if they don’t get an exception there won’t be a trucking industry. Lawyers, real estate agents and accountants all managed to carve out a piece of safety for themselves because they’re the ones who handle all the money. Truckers want one because they handle all the freight. That means food, too.

The Port of Oakland could be only the beginning. All they need to do is let the state have its way and shut down operations. Hand Pete Buttigieg a wheelbarrow and have him unload the shipping containers and deliver everyone’s packages. Where is Pete anyway? Has anyone seen him lately?

Uber and Lyft got themselves exempted, why can’t independent truckers? At the port in Oakland, the truckers are carrying signs: “We demand an exemption now. We deserve respect for keeping the world economy and the USA rolling.


The New World Order apparently doesn’t want the economy rolling. They want everyone to starve to death until the population is reduced to a more manageable number. Like the one which used to be etched into the masonic monument called the Georgia Guidestones. Until, that is, it was blown up recently.

On Tuesday, nearly 100 members of the International Longshore and Warehouse Union Local 10 “refused to cross the protest line as owner-operators in Oakland showed up early to block the gates of the SSA terminal.” They “are working without a contract right now so we support the owner-operators and understand what they are trying to do.

Owner Operator Bill Aboudi points out that “many drivers who work in the ports immigrated to this country so they could have a choice and the freedom to decide how and when they want to work. This is a bad law because it takes away their choice to be an owner-operator and forces them to become a company driver. It’s un-American.

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