People Began to Notice Something Shocking About Victoria’s Secret Photo Shoot, Look Closer [PHOTOS]

People Begin Noticing Something Shocking About Victoria’s Secret Photo Shoot, Look Closer

After an image from a Victoria’s Secret photo shoot started circulating around the internet, people began to notice something strange.

A viral photo of four Victoria’s Secret models has caught the attention of people across the internet, but not for the reasons you may think.

The four lingerie models, including superstars Alessandra Ambrosio and Miranda Kerr, stood side-by-side on a beach wearing white bikinis and natural makeup, smiling as they flaunted their flawless bodies and gorgeous windblown hair.

But there is one small detail in the image that left people concerned, and questioning whether it was a photoshop error or a confusing optical illusion.

Take a look at the picture below, and see if you can figure it out for yourself.

People Begin Noticing Something Shocking About Victoria’s Secret Photo Shoot, Look Closer

“A little unsettling,” the original poster captioned the picture, posted on image sharing and image hosting service Imgur, which has been viewed by more than 408,800 people.

Many concerned viewers noticed that Karolina Kurkov, the blonde model who is second from the left in the image, appears to not have a belly button.

“Not innie, not outie, Noughty,” commented one person.

Another viewer questioned whether the model was missing her “belly button from her last tummy tuck.”

While it may seem like the missing belly button was due to a photoshop error, the truth is that that area of the image was not significantly retouched. Kurkova does in fact have a belly button, but it is not pronounced like most people’s belly buttons are.

Here is another image of Kurkova from a slightly different angle:

Over the years, photo editors have attempted to retouch images of Kurkova to make it appear as if she has a more typical belly button, but it seems that those efforts have stopped.

According to the model’s rep, Kurkova has had an unusual belly button since she was a child.

“She had an operation when she was an infant,” he said. “It’s a fact and just thank God she’s healthy.”

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