Police Arrived at This Home Depot to Break Up an EXORCISM

Police Arrive at Home Depot to Break Up Exorcism

In one of the most bizarre stories in news history, police were called to a Home Depot at around 3:30 p.m. on June 21 to break up an exorcism.

Dickson City police officers were called to the lumber aisle of a Home Depot in Dickson City, Pennsylvania, to deal with two “disorderly people” at the store.

When the officers arrived at the scene, two individuals were “having an exorcism in the lumber aisle for the dead trees,” police wrote in their daily crime blotter on Facebook.

According to Dickson City Police Chief William Bilinski, the men attempting the so-called “exorcism” were both dressed in black.

The two men were “chanting and moaning” in the lumber aisle and “looked like they were trying to do an exorcism,” Bilinski told the Scranton Times-Tribune newspaper.

In a comment to the Philly Voice, another officer claimed that it was a “séance type of thing for the dead.”

Police escorted the men out of the building — but it’s unclear what exactly was the motive behind this bizarre event.

Global News reports: “There is no indication that the exorcism had anything to do with a recent drop in the price of lumber.”

Whether this was just a strange prank, or whether they were two deranged environmentalists paying their respects to the “murdered” trees, this story is odd enough that the majority of the 266 comments on the Dickson City police blotter were very entertained by it.

“Wait … Why did you stop it? Now we got a possessed individual running loose?!” one person asked.

“May the price of plywood come down…the name of [C]hrist compels you,” another person wrote.

Another individual asked an important question: why did no one capture this bizarre incident on video? “How does a wood exorcism happen in 2021 and not a single person in Home Depot videoed this for our entertainment. I need answers,” they wrote.

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