Home Depot Co-Founder Drops Massive Truth Bomb on Democrats

Home Depot Co-Founder Bernie Marcus
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Bernie Marcus, the co-founder of Home Depot, has finally said what the rest of us have been thinking. On the Fox Business program, Mornings with Maria, Marcus blasted the Democrats and the mainstream media.

I could tell you this; this whole country was tied up for two and a half months on the impeachment. Nobody Congress was doing what they had to do. Their eyes were not on where it should have been. They should have been investigating what was happening with this pandemic that started in China,” Marcus said.

Missing the Big Picture

Marcus and the host, Maria Bartiromo, were discussing how the narrow anti-Trump focus of the Left blinded them to a much larger threat to the United States.

You are hitting on something that is really important because, for three years, Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff were looking for ghosts of Russia collusion. In doing so in terms of getting the country all crazy over the potential of collusion between the president and the Russians, they completely missed the bigger, much more dangerous actor, and that is China,” Bartiromo said.

She continued, saying, “Most importantly, in my view, is China. That is the story of the day. They are continuing to eat our lunch, and downplay this virus from the get-go.

China is at the Center of It ALL

Bartiromo makes an excellent point. The timing of the virus, arriving after a short-lived U.S.-China trade war, is suspiciously convenient. It is an election year, and what better way to hit back at President Trump than by disrupting our then-booming economy? If Trump were to lose, Democrat Joe Biden is much more likely to make economic concessions in China’s favor.

Bartiromo also touched on how dependent the U.S. is on products from China, including the ingredients for many of our prescription medications. President Trump has said on multiple occasions his intention to bring more jobs and products back to America.

In other words, it is in China’s best interests to see the U.S, economy crash and for President Trump to lose his re-election bid.

There is evidence suggesting that the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic may not have been entirely accidental. A November 2019 FBI report called China a “biosecurity risk” after there were multiple instances of Chinese nationals caught while attempting to smuggle dangerous pathogens into the United States.

Among the pathogens were SARS, MERS, H1N1, the bird flu, and e-coli.

Putting the Nation at Risk

Because the Left spent so much time, energy, and resources discrediting the President, they had none left to look for external threats. And, because he was forced to constantly defend himself, even President Trump must have been preoccupied.

They were not aware of it because they were so focused — The New York Times, and The Washington Post and everybody else was so focused on the impeachment, and you know, I think that everybody including the president, his eyes were focused on it also. I think that we lost sight of what was really happening around the corner, now it caught up with us,” Marcus concluded.

  1. How about considering Down State IL as Cases as they are there not lumped in with Chicago. Peoria Cty had 34 cases 15 healed and 2 Dead both Elderly. Lets go to Work and Play.. Pelosi and Schumer Offices are not sprouting a New Economy. US Economy is based on making things of Life and Defense from raw Products which is New Money and the Backbone of every Economy. America’s Founders called on our Creator as they fought the largest Army and navy in the world and as they established our Constitutional Republic. Here we are locked out of our Bible Churches. see CreatorisLiberty c and “America Come Back”

  2. China was not in this on their own. This is deep state all the way. Real investigation would expose who helped them fund this and how they managed to disperse it so quickly. They needed to get this virus out quickly because apparently it does not have a long life. This virus has been made stronger an stronger for the last 15 years. It is the precursor for the infertility vaccines,the globalists want to be used around the world. Margaret Sanger and the Gates Family dream scenario. Scare the hell out of the world then vaccinate it into submission.

  3. Since Day one. not to be arrogant, but I told my family and friends. This virus is INTENTIONAL, it is pointed first at the USA, and then seeded in the rest of the world to camouflage its intended TARGET. Remember our economy how it was ? TOPS! It is a Presidential election year and they wanted to hurt Trump since China had a suffering economy due to the tariffs imposed on them. Third: The WHO and Fauci in bed with the chinese not UNLIKEly colluded with the Dems to go for IMPEACHMENT since their other tricks failed. Soros funding is probably behind it as well to inflict more damage in deaths and economic collapse. A MARXIST Move to cause FEAR, POVERTY and MISERY wworldwde to steer us towards a GLOBALIST Government Control. Sounds far fetcxhed? THink AGAIN!

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