Police Honor Fallen Hero By Hanging Thin Blue Line Flag, Then Liberal Commandos Attack


No good deed, they say, goes unpunished. A California police department dared to honor a fallen hero with thin blue line flags. It didn’t take long for the radical commandos to attack. “That’s racist!” a radically progressive professor declared.


All police are racist

After 37-year-old detective Luca Benedetti was killed in the line of duty, the San Luis Obispo Police Department honored his memory with a pair of matching “thin blue line” flags in front of their Headquarters.

The entire town got behind the idea and started tying “blue ribbons on trees and attached blue line flags to their vehicles.” The whole idea was to support the officer’s family and law enforcement. Then Scott Glysson came along.

All it takes is one liberal music professor from Cal Poly to disappoint an entire town because he got his feelings hurt. “The flag with the blue line is not a sign of community support for police,” Glysson declared on social media.

“It is a racist symbol. It was popularized at the same time and in direct response to the Black Lives Matter movement.” Someone should give him a can of Play-doh so he can make something out of it to shove up his rectum. Maybe that will make him happy.

It’s amazing to imagine that a simple show of support for the local police, and the law and order they provide, would suddenly be transformed into a “symbol of hate.” Right along with Pepe the frog. All because Black Lives Matter radicals labeled “all officers as racist based on their profession.”

Guilty without a trial and no chance for innocence. Way back then, conservative Americans started to counter the liberal nonsense by “tying blue ribbons on trees and waving blue line flags.” Now nobody is allowed to do it.

Yelling at people

The blue line flag controversy raged hotter than the blaze at a Minneapolis police precinct. Arguments over the meaning “played out across the county following a series of protests in which BLM supporters repeatedly stopped traffic and yelled at people dining in restaurants.”

When a thin blue line flag popped up outside the Paso Robles Public Safety Center, that “sparked controversy in the North County city.” Their top cop ordered it removed.

Supporters of the police solidarity symbol, including the group Flags of Valor, maintain that the thin blue line has been used to back the blue for many years before BLM came along.

“The phrase, ‘thin blue line,’ was initially mentioned in a 1911 poem by Nels Dickmann Anderson.” It wasn’t until the 1950’s that “the blue line was adopted by law enforcement professionals to represent their courage and sacrifice while protecting the American people.”

Meanwhile, Glysson hates the cops. Hopefully, he’ll never need to call them. They won’t rush to save someone who believes “the flag is a destructive symbol that disparages people of color.”

He “can’t even imagine what a person of color must feel when they drive by a police station displaying this flag. Even if unintended, it tells a person of color their struggle is not important.” He must be hallucinating if he gets all that from a simple stripe of blue colored ribbon.

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