Police Launch New Tool for Reporting ‘Stay Home’ Violations

Too far?
Washington Police
Photo Courtesy of Alex Smith via Creative Commons License

Conspiracy theorists have been saying all along an emergency like the one we are living through right now would give Democrats the excuse they need to take away our rights.


Well, a new app that is being introduced in Washington state surely falls into that category and will likely have the internet abuzz with martial law theories.

There’ an App for That

Washington state, like many other states, has ordered shelter-in-place to help slow the spread of the coronavirus.

Residents of Washington have taken this a step further, and are blowing up 911 lines with reports of illegal gatherings.

Rather than burden 911 operators, a local police department in Bellevue created an app to report these people.

The MyBellevue app now allows citizens to report these violations right on the app, alerting police to the location of any gathering deemed to be over the approved limit.

Police Chief Steve Mylett stated, “The vast majority of people in our community are following the ‘stay at home’ order and are being safe.

“But we need your help in reporting violations where there may be a large number of people at risk.”

Major Andrew Popochock stated, “We are not going to arrest people; we are educating them to stay home.

“The ‘Stay home, stay healthy’ mandate is for everyone’s safety.”

Too Far?

I have to admit, I get the overall idea of the app, but this could open the door to future “self-policing” in the future on the smallest of issues.

This reminds me of the old Nazi movies where the children are recruited to tell on adults who were reading “illegal” books or listening to “illegal” music.

Point being, let’s just be careful about what rights we give up so freely during a health crisis such as this.

I can’t remember who said it, but I once heard, “you give a man a rope and he thinks he is a cowboy.”

Here, we allow certain rights to be taken away, and Democrats get a taste for what they can do.

I am thinking of freedom of speech, gun rights, and the like.

Let’s be vigilant, but we still cannot allow the government to overreach and take away our constitutional rights, regardless of the situation.

  1. VERY well written article. I totally agree about giving up one’s freedom all for the sake of ‘safety’. It would be better to have martial law…and nothing less…until this pandemic has ended.

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