Politician Caught With Nearly 300,000 Child Pornography Images


A disgraced politician, former Labour Party councilor was caught with 290,000 images of children obtained from an illegal online chat network.

Politician Caught Red Handed

50-year-old Roger Spackman was arrested in 2018 while he was serving as a Labour councillor on Exeter City Council, Breitbart News reported.

Investigations revealed the pedophile had 290,672 indecent images of children on a staggering 68 different devices. Shocking pictures showed horrendous acts such as children being raped.

Breitbart News reports:

“There were also pictures of young girls that had male genitalia photoshopped in, so that they appeared to be performing sexual acts. Spackman had been working at a secure children’s home at the time he started collecting the child pornography.”

Spackman ultimately pleaded guilty to three counts of making indecent images and two counts of possessing prohibited or extreme images.

The pedophile made no moves to take responsibility; he instead claimed he was abused as a child leading him to do the despicable acts he did.

No Prison Time for Heinous Acts

Despite the massive amounts of horrendous acts done by this politician, he will most likely not serve prison time. He was given a ten-month sentence but that was suspended for over two years.

Basically, if he stays within the bounds of the conditions laid out for him, he will be a free man and avoid any prison time.

Spackman is mandated by Judge Peter Johnson to be on a sex offenders’ register and was given a sexual prevention order. That enables police to monitor his internet use which will occur for the next ten years.

The criminal must also pay £420 as well as go to 40 days in a rehabilitation service.

Judge Makes Shocking Choice

“You are of good character and have worked in the service of the public as a councillor. Your fall from grace has been dramatic,” Judge Johnson told Spackman.

“Over approximately nine years you were receiving a large number of indecent images, the vast majority being category C images although there were a number at category A,” the judge said.

“The reason for this appears to be that you were abused as a child and have demons that have possessed you. You have bared your soul to complete strangers to explain how [you] came to have these images,” the judge continued. “In essence, you were undertaking some form of therapeutic role-play in which others invited you to take the part of the victim and sent you indecent photographs to assist in the role play.”

Anger and shock over the judges ruling and the lack of punishment the pedophile received have caused a strong backlash, particularly in the United Kingdom.

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