Portland Police Refuse to Protect Videographer from ANTIFA Attack

Antifa Attackers
Photo via Stumptown Matters YouTube Video Screenshot

The job of our local police officers is to protect and serve but sadly, one Portland police officer decided that was far too risky of a venture to undertake.


When a videographer for Stumptown Matters ran to police for protection from ANTIFA members who went after him without any provocation, the officer dismissed the actions of the ANTIFA members and instead read the videographer the riot act.

No Protection Here

The unwritten rule used to be that journalists are not attacked, period.

This new breed of liberal, however, does not believe in that and journalists reporting for any outlet deemed to be conservative are targets.

During yet another ANTIFA protest in Oregon, it was ANTIFA’s masked members that provided far more benefits from the local police than an innocent citizen just trying to do his job.

The video is troublesome and should result in the immediate dismissal of this police officer.

It starts out with a friendly exchange from across the street.

The videographer clearly knows one of the ANTIFA members, but suddenly a group of them start to run across the street with pepper spray.

The videographer quickly retreats to an area where there is a police officer nearby.

Rather than find out what happened or to offer protection for the young man, the officer tells him, “We’re not going to come out and save you.”

Changing the Rules

For some reason, Portland has become a safe haven for ANTIFA.

The city’s police continue to let these domestic terrorists wear masks, carry weapons, and assault anyone they choose without repercussion.

In the real world, the ANTIFA member that had the pepper spray would have been locked up and taken into custody.

Instead, the officer chose to berate the reporter.

Both the mayor of the city and the Portland PD must be held accountable for this and it is up to us to ensure all of America learns about it because you know mainstream media will completely ignore the story and continue to protect this radical-leftist-terror organization.

  1. The police were only following orders. Antifa trading their conical headgear and white robes for the black balaclava. The old Democrat Community/Alinsky Organizers, KKK, OWS, Antifa, Black Panthers, BLM, DNC, LGBTQ+ ,ISIS, etc., They never fail to maintain their image, do they?

    1. Oh yeah, let them do whatever they want……..I’d quit rather than let people break the law….come on , did they not take an oath as a police officer. If you can’t stand up for the oath you took , then you are no better than ANTIFA

  2. wow Oregon, you should have a sign welcoming antifa…you are disgraceful for letting these fruit cakes running your city

  3. The Portland mayor echos the eight years of Obama ordering our military not to defend itself, stand down and play amusement park targets for the enemy. This is just another example why the left’s push to disarm Americans flies in the face of common sense and intelligence. If I wait for the police to protect me, I’ll be taking a permanent dirt nap. And I’m not saying the police in my state would not protect me, just that they usually respond after something happens.

  4. I am a native Portlander and am really ashamed to admit it. The so called POS mayor needs to be impeached and/or just plain dragged out of his office and thrown in jail for having the police stand down. I will never return to what once was a beautiful city and has been turned into a SHITHOLE under this mayor. SHAME ON HIM and HIS ADMINISTRATION!

  5. This is the exact reason I believe that Antifa should be named as a domestic terrorist group. I think doing so would give the people who are attacked a little more leverage in suing high local gov’t officials and their worthless police departments. I think also that if the city continues to allow Antifa to run rampant on other citizens, it might allow outside (Federal) law enforcement to jump in and assist. If something like this is not done, and soon, these thugs are going to kill someone and then the sh** is going to hit the fan and there will likely be lots of dead Antifa thugs.

  6. This makes me sick ! The Governor needs to step in and declare Antifa a Terrorist Group and Kick them out of the state before people start shooting them !

  7. Until they meet their match this is what you have to put up with. Why don’t they go statewide then they will find out what it’s like to meet their match

  8. The Oregon governor and the mayor of Portland should be arrested ! They encourage violence and pass laws that are unConstitutional! For some dang strange reason the three Pacific ocean western states are run by crazed Democrats that do not protect rights of citizens but do protect the lawless Antifa freaks. It is past time to weed these jerks out..they need to be taken out.

  9. This should wake up the MORON MEDIA but sadly it won’t. One of their’s will be killed before they wake up but sadly they will be all getting killed in mass before the MORON MEDIA wake up and that will be far to late to help them.

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