POTUS Announces Massive Break Through for Concerned Citizens

HUGE news!
Donald Trump
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Early Thursday, the entire country, and the world for that matter, got some very good news on the battle against coronavirus.

President Trump announced hydroxychloroquine, an antimalarial drug, could be made available almost immediately as a treatment for coronavirus.

Treatment First, Vaccine Later

Everyone needs to fully understand that a treatment and a vaccine are treated significantly differently by the FDA.

To get a vaccine to market, it generally takes anywhere from 12 to 18 months to run through the standard testing.

The vaccine goes through various stages, and there simply is no way to work around that if we want a safe and effective vaccine.

In terms of a treatment, these can be brought to market or used significantly quicker than a vaccine.

In many cases, this is because existing drugs are used to treat those infected.

The key challenge in these cases is to find the proper dosage to ensure those given the drugs are being treated properly.

In the case of the coronavirus, we have seen reports of the drug mentioned above as well as several HIV drugs and some experimental drugs that have been effective.

It is very reasonable to think that we could have a possible treatment before the end of the month.

Rising Numbers

We talk about this in just about every post we make on the coronavirus right now, but it is a point we need to make sure everyone understands.

Over the last week, a significant number of tests have been made available to states.

In addition to the added testing, private labs are now pitching in to help the processing effort.

These two factors combined have resulted in a significant increase in positive cases being reported.

Per Dr. Birx, that number is going to continue to rise significantly over the next week or so as processing catches up to the testing that has been done.

Additionally, hot spots like New York that were only conducting a few hundred tests a day are now conducting thousands of tests a day.

The mainstream media will undoubtedly try to create panic over this, but the panic level needs to be dialed down because we know this is going to happen.


  1. Hydroxychloroquine is a medication which both treats and prevents malaria. That means it can be administered to people who are not yet sick. Now, it is claimed to be useful for the treatment of corona virus. It seems to me that these facts suggest a path forward to get rid of corona virus-test people for this disease and if they have it give them a shot (it’s use will be as a treatment for the disease). For people who are not infected ask for permission to give them the shot anyway (maybe for one of every hundred tested and found virus free). In this way, sick people get treatment and well people will provide information required to designate the medicine as a vaccine, too. This might get us to a vaccine in much less than the 12-18 months that is normal.

  2. It has proven as a drug in the past. Even if it is for malaria it shuld be tried now. I am sure there are many drugs that are usefull as a crossover disease fighter and we need to try as much as we can not.
    Also it is here now and we do not have to wait 12 months for something else to be invented! If I had the virus and was really ill, I would reach out for whatever is available.

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