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President Donald Trump just made North Carolina residents a whole lot happier after he approved a major disaster relief effort. The Democrat Governor is thrilled. Unlike California, who holds out their hand for relief after decades of poor forest management led to half the state going up in flames, North Carolina’s disaster was a natural one.

Relief project approved

The state of North Carolina was devastated this summer by Hurricane Isaias. The violent storm threatened Florida for days before suddenly moving north to make landfall on August 3rd at Ocean Isle Beach, N.C. with winds of up to 80 miles an hour. “This declaration from our federal partners will help us rebuild stronger and smarter,” Governor Roy Cooper announced. He’s ready to get the federally approved disaster money into the communities to “recover from the damage done by Hurricane Isaias.”

The disaster declaration approved by President Trump covers 15 North Carolina counties and will provide “federal reimbursement to county and state governments and some nonprofit organizations.” The state was hit hard and the money will go a long way toward covering the costs of damage repair to critical infrastructure. The official declaration also provides reimbursement for charges already paid by citizens and officials for things like debris removal, search and rescue missions, Hazmat cleanup, food, generators, fuel and other incidentals.

Besides relief for the specifically named counties, the approved relief plan includes provisions to add more counties if they need to later. When Hurricane Isaias hit the beach, residents knew they were in for a wild ride. The powerful storm caused major flooding in several communities and ended up in the history books as the “strongest tropical system to impact the Northeast since Sandy in 2012.”

Deadly tornado swarm

A total of four deaths were blamed directly on Isaias and the swarm of “several tornadoes” which spun off of the hurricane, leaving “damaged water supply lines, roads and bridges.” Power was knocked out to over 375,000 customers. Before the federal package was approved, Governor Cooper signed a state disaster declaration into effect for Bertie and surrounding counties. He also applied for and obtained “a disaster declaration from the U.S. Small Business Administration.” That was specifically related to “a tornado that spun out of Hurricane Isaias” to strike a neighborhood in Windsor.

The Windsor area residents were glad for the help in the form of both “low interest disaster loans and state individual assistance grants” to help with the cleanup. The statewide federal relief package was approved to help efforts to clean up and restore a sense of normality after almost 40 individual tornadoes broke loose from Isaias, “including an exceptionally rare EF-3 that killed two people in eastern North Carolina.”

There’s lots of good uses that the approved relief will be used for. The Category 1 hurricane brought wind gusts up to 80 mph all the way to New York City. When all was said and done, “more than three million people lost power during the storm, most of those in New England and the Mid-Atlantic.”

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