Pro-Abortion Rioters Target Churches in Hate Attacks


Lots of people are attacking churches in the wake of Roe v Wade possibly being overturned by the United States Supreme Court. The thought of some states not allowing unborn baby murder has sent shockwaves through pro-abortion groups.

Pro-Abortion Riots Take Form

A pro-choice in particular that is purposely targeting churches has ties to the Revolutionary Communist Party.

Rise Up 4 Abortion Rights took to the streets during an organized riot on Mother’s Day. This was in response to a leaked draft report by the Supreme Court showing that there may be enough votes to overturn Roe v Wade.

The abortion group’s website shows their calculated plans to target churches.

“Several cities will be hosting protests outside of prominent churches in their towns, these can look like a group of people holding signs wearing Handmaids Tale outfits, passing out flyers outside to church goers or doing a die-in,” their website states.

Churches Targeted

The riot grew in New York City outside the St. Patrick’s Cathedral. They then proceeded to call churches “a symbol for the enslavement of women.”

Rise Up 4 Abortion Rights and other pro-abortion groups are focusing on Catholics and Christians in their places of worship as tensions rise. The groups are focusing on putting extreme pressure on the Supreme Court justices to change their votes to keep Roe v Wade. They themselves say that they want to create as much unrest as possible in an attempt to get their way.

Rise Up 4 Abortion Rights says its goal is “to create a situation where those who run this society have to fear the loss of legitimacy if they go forward with revoking abortion rights.”

“Through Rising Up 4 Abortion Rights together on the campuses, in the streets, in the arts and sciences, and everywhere else, we aim to create such political protest and resistance across this country that Supreme Court does not feel they can get away with taking away abortion rights.”

Communist Ties

In 2016 after President Donald Trump was elected, the Revolutionary Communist Party gained speed and it is connected to the Rising Up 4 Abortion Rights.

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