Repeat Felon Steals Car to Visit Police Station


In California, the lawlessness is so out of control that Keith Chastain just steals a car any time he needs a ride, even when he’s headed to the police station. What are they going to do? Arrest him for it again? They did. That was his tenth arrest since February 19. In paperwork for the three dozen charges he faces, six stolen cars are listed. You can thank liberal Democrat policies for the situation.

Frequent flier for police

Law enforcement across Fresno County are “very familiar” with Keith Chastain, Clovis police note in a statement. He’s one of their frequent fliers. Chastain “racked up almost three-dozen charges and 10 arrests in the past month.

If you look the word “scofflaw” up in the dictionary, it has his picture next to it. That word is out of fashion, replaced by the Antifa® approved term “anarchist.

Keith was most recently harassed by fascist pigs while (allegedly) “driving a stolen car to the police station to pick up his personal property.” Since February 19, the 38-year-old was booked into the Fresno County Jail 10 times. Including the one on Tuesday, March 21, “six of those arrests happened in Clovis, just northeast of the City of Fresno.

On Tuesday, alert officers spotted and intercepted a reported stolen vehicle. They weren’t real surprised to find Keith in the driver’s seat.

What did surprise them was where they pulled him over. When the BOLO went out for the stolen car, police sort of thought it was a test, set up to see if they’re actually paying attention.

Fox News reports that “officers located the stolen truck and ‘initiated a high-risk traffic stop’ right outside the Clovis Police Department building around 9:30 a.m.” Chastain knows the procedure and doesn’t try to resist, so they took him into custody “without further incident.

Pretty sure it was him

Police face an uphill battle in court with the liberally inclined prosecutors who take pity on the criminals and castigate the cops. Clovis PD is pretty sure they’re on solid ground with charging him for grand theft auto.

He was the only person in the stolen truck and was actually on his way to pick up his personal property from our department when he was arrested.” That adds to a growing list of charges on a seemingly endless rap sheet.

On Friday, Chastain got another chance to say “Good morning judge, how are you today? Yes, I’m back again. I’m in trouble, so it’s back to the pen. I found a car but I couldn’t pay. I fell in love and I drove it away.” He does that a lot.

Between mid-February and this week, police say he racked up 18 felony charges and 15 misdemeanors. The cases involve six stolen cars, DUI, drugs, vandalism and fraud.” His public defender swears up and down, “he didn’t do it, he wasn’t there. He didn’t want it, he wouldn’t dare.

Back in the mists of time, February 2022, “he was accused of domestic violence and, separately, of fleeing police.” The domestic charges were dropped but the ones for running stuck.

That taught him just to stop, drop and roll on his belly to be cuffed. He has a lot of practice because he does it any time they spot him. Back in 2005, “he pleaded no contest to two separate robbery charges.” He was framed but took the rap anyway, he insists.


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