REPORT: Here is How Much of YOUR Money the Dems Have Wasted Since January 20th


The liberal answer to any problem is to throw money at it. Terrified Democrats insisting on a private army of personal bodyguards are costing taxpayers a fortune. Our newly selected officials are so afraid of the people who they claim voted for them that they spent half a billion bucks keeping their constituents at a safe distance.


Money can’t buy safety

Republicans are screaming bloody murder about the taxpayer money that’s hemorrhaging out of the federal bank accounts in the name of safety and security. $480 million and counting. The intelligence community hasn’t picked up enough chatter to indicate anything specific is actually brewing but D.C. needs to dig in and fortify anyway.

Those deplorable Trump Supporters have been too quiet for comfort. They’re taking the transition way too calmly. Worse, nobody seems to be taking the bait the FBI is dangling from behind their Guy Fawkes mask with a “Q” emblazoned on it.

The Deep State unit of our government operating as QAnon to mix and match unstable radicals, then groom them to commit acts of domestic terror on “cue,” has been trying to get everyone behind a false claim that “Trump will be sworn in again March 4, the original date of presidential inaugurations before the 20th Amendment moved the date.”

They need something to justify all the money they are paying to those National Guard troops because nobody seems to be paying any attention to the upcoming impeachment trial in the Senate. The only thing conservatives are saying is go ahead and do it. Then conservatives can turn around and file to impeach Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Eric Holder and a bunch of others to keep them out of trouble too. That isn’t what the FBI wants to hear.

No sane patriot wants to boogaloo with the military. The only ones crazy enough to get violent are the ones the Federal Bureau of Instigation has been watching for years, while making pointed suggestions cooked up by their psychologists.

What starts with the National Guard ends with Delta Force. The only word that consistently floats around the campfire is “they’ll go home someday.” That means, the Democrats insist, there is no way the troops can be allowed to go home. That decision will cost a huge amount of money.

Nearly $500 million

According to a cost analysis put out by the Pentagon, “Deploying thousands of National Guardsmen at the U.S. Capitol through mid-March is costing nearly $500 million.” The figure of “at least $480 million” was confirmed by a Defense official to Bloomberg.

Thousands of guardsmen “from all 50 states, three territories, and D.C.” were summoned to the Capitol after the January 6 barbarian invasion and stayed to defend Imperial Leader Joe Biden’s installation ceremony on January 20. They’ve been sleeping in the hallways and getting underfoot ever since. No matter how much money it costs, they aren’t going home yet. At least not around 5,000 of them.

The guardsmen weren’t just aimlessly patrolling the grounds armed with M4 rifles, they kept themselves occupied by setting up enough razor-wire topped fences around the Capitol to fortify the seat of government from all Biden’s cheering fans.

By the big transfer of power day, there were around 26,000 guardsmen protecting the Imperial entourage. Since then the count has dwindled to a mere 7,000, which makes local liberals uneasy. “Who cares about Money?” they cry. After all they just print up as much as they like whenever they want.

When Mayor Muriel Bowser barked at the Capitol Police, they managed to get approval to keep 5,000 guardsmen “at the Capitol until at least mid-March.” They can’t keep spending money unless some sort of threat appears so they’re working overtime in the social media chat rooms. Homeland Security even issued a terrorism bulletin last week. They promise somebody will get up to something. They just have no idea, who, where, when, what, or how.

“Information suggests that some ideologically-motivated violent extremists with objections to the exercise of governmental authority and the presidential transition, as well as other perceived grievances fueled by false narratives, could continue to mobilize to incite or commit violence.” Right now, the best way to protest the allegedly illegitimate government is to do nothing, but keep reminding them they can’t be everywhere, all the time either. That’s how Regan defeated the Soviet Union. Bluff them into bankruptcy.

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