Report: Joe Biden Challenges Autoworker to Fight

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Photo via Sean Hannity Facebook Video Screenshot

We have seen Joe Biden lose it before on the campaign trail, but not like this.

While making a stop at a factory in Detroit on Tuesday, Biden appears to have offered to take one of the worker’s “outside” for confronting Biden on his Second Amendment stance.

Fightin’ Joe

Joe Biden has always been a bit edgy when it comes to being questioned in public.

He usually tries to intimidate whoever is questioning him, he rants and raves, then he walks away without actually addressing the issue.

Something very similar happened in Detroit on Tuesday.

The autoworker seems to clearly reference the fact that Joe Biden recently named Beto O’Rourke as his gun czar.

Beto has openly touted gun confiscation during his presidential election.

The O’Rourke-Biden partnership has gun owners across the country hitting the panic button.

When the autoworker asked Joe about it, he immediately became irate, getting very close to the man and doing his patented finger wagging in his face.

The man then tells Biden that is he is not okay with that, then it gets really ugly for Biden.

While it is hard to make out with any real certainty, Joe Biden appears to say he will take the man “outside” to settle it.

There have also been reports that Biden threatened to slap the man in his face, but I could not personally hear that.

Additionally, when a female staffer was talking early on, Biden “shushed” her dismissively, which has opened an additional can of worms for Joe.

Biden Dismisses Detroit Auto Worker: ‘Don’t Be Such a Horse’s A#%!’

Joe Biden to Detroit Auto Worker: ‘Don’t Be Such a Horse’s A#%!’

Posted by Sean Hannity on Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Now, I just want you to imagine what would happen if Trump ever did something like this.

Another quick point, notice how who I am assuming is a union rep or supervisor walking around with Biden told the man to stop talking. 

He told the man that he needed to remember he was representing the auto union, and the man quickly told his boss he represented himself. 

Don’t be surprised if that man ends up losing his job this week.

From my point of view, this presents an opportunity to truly expose the Biden temper I have been writing about for months.

While I would never encourage anyone to approach a candidate on their own time, they are fair game when they are stumping, at a town hall, at a rally, or making an appearance.

When that happens, do exactly what this man did on your favorite talking point or Biden’s record.

Personally, I have a long list of points I want to bring up, but based on this latest interaction, I don’t expect to get past the first two before Biden takes a swing at me.

And, while it may not be me, make no mistake, Biden is close to throwing a punch or slapping someone on the campaign trail and when that happens, it is game over.


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