Republican House Minority Leader Trolls Democrats in Hilarious Manor

Kevin McCarthy Republican Democrat election troll Twitter

Republican House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy of California had some fun trolling the Democrats who lost their seats in last month’s election. House Democrats suffered a number of humbling losses, despite Joe Biden supposedly winning the race for president. McCarthy took the opportunity to poke fun at his failed colleagues who are on their way out of Washington next month.

Republican trolls the failed Democrats

This week, House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer, a Democrat from Maryland, posted a photo of a group of failed Democratic incumbents ahead of their departure next month. “Do not lose heart,” Hoyer told his colleagues.

Kevin McCarthy quickly posted his response. A picture of himself alone in the Capital’s Rotinda. The caption: “Here’s a group photo of me with all the House Republicans who lost races this year.” Well played sir. Check out both tweets below.

Democrats lose House seats

The Democrats were expecting to grow their House majority in the 2020 election. While they did keep control of the House, the Republicans managed to flip 13 seats. Many on both sides of the aisle expect this trend to continue for the 2022 elections. S

ome Democrats are calling out their own colleagues for being too far Left.

Abigail Spanberger is a moderate Democrat from Virginia who just barely won her election against Republican challenger Nick Freitas. Spanberger thinks the Democrats should have won big, but radical Left-wing Democrats like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez are hurting them in the polls.

Spanberger specifically points to the defund the police movement and the Green New Deal as two policies that moderate Democrat voters don’t agree with. “No one should say ‘defund the police’ ever again,” said Spanberger. “Nobody should be talking about Socialism.”

Senator Sanders and Senator Warren are outspoken “Democratic Socialists” who are calling for taxpayer funded “free” college and socialized health care. They also support the Green New Deal which proposes tax rates as high as 70% in some cases.

House Rep. Spanberger warns Democrats that they will get “torn apart” in upcoming elections if they continue to rally around these causes. She’s right. The majority of Americans reject Socialism and big government. And you better believe we’ll troll these Lefties when they’re voted out of office.

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