Republicans About to Hit Pelosi with Censure

She’s done!

Both sides of the aisle are getting sick and tired of this game by Speaker Pelosi (D-CA).

Now that there are Democrats in both the House and Senate demanding the articles of impeachment be sent, Rep. Bradley Byrne (R-AL) stated that he will introduce a measure to censure Pelosi on Thursday.

The Waiting Game

Pelosi wants to have approval of the Senate rules before sending the articles of impeachment.

She is, in reality, overreaching her own power.

This has gone unchecked for the most part because Democrats were backing her play.

Now, Dems are getting antsy and want this to move forward as quickly as possible.

There were already grumblings in the House, but after Senator Diane Feinstein (D-CA) was quoted as saying holding the articles serves no purpose, it gave the green light for Republicans to really attack Pelosi.

Byrne stated, “Speaker Pelosi’s decision to hold the articles of impeachment against President Trump in a pathetic and unconstitutional attempt to extract concessions from the Senate is an unprecedented abuse of power.

“House Democrats made the misguided decision to rush through the most legally unsound and factually unsupported articles of impeachment in the history of this country, and they can’t now insist that the Senate fix their shoddy, incomplete work.”

Byrne also stated the House had simply failed to make its case and now that the House proceedings are done, “let the President finally exercise his right to defend himself.”

He then added, “Until then, the leader of this attempt to throw out constitutional norms to remove our president must be held accountable.”

Rift in Republican Party

Pelosi’s strategy may actually be starting to pay dividends.

We expected Senator Romney (R-UT) to go against the party on this, but now the Iran conflict and the strike against Soleimani is also creating a rift.

Senators Rand Paul (R-KY) and Mike Lee (R-TX) have stated they will back the War Powers resolution that is about to be put on the House floor.

If it passes the House, which it will, it may now actually pass the Senate when McConnell puts it on the floor for a vote.

Without Paul and Lee, Republicans are right on the line for 51 votes, so if one more Republican strays, it will pass.

  1. The old mentally unstable hag can’t get her way so she is stomping her feet down trying to force the Senate to finish the Houses job, well it ain’t working sweetie, no play ball by McConnell is actually refreshing for a change. She and the Commiecrats in the House will be exposed for what frauds they really are, that’s what she’s afraid of.

  2. All this shows us is that not only are the Dems. not working for us but the Repubs. are dragging their feet also. This slow moving train has to be stopped …our country is at stake. These people in Wash. have been dragging their feet for too long …if the 2020 elections doesn’t get out the riff-raff then WE THE PEOPLE WILL HAVE TO USE THE WEAPON THE FOUNDERS GAVE US…THE DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE ! WWG1WGA

    1. Our President has been doing GREAT things for OUR country & WE THE PEOPLE for a little over 3 1/2 years now. What have the Democrats done for OUR country & WE THE PEOPLE during the very same timeline???

      That’s such a simple question that a SMART 4th grader could answer. They have done JACK. You GOOFY Liberals & Snowflakes NEED to start looking for the TRUTH for yourselves.

      The Democratic Party started the same day as OUR President went into office saying they were going to IMPEACH him. And that has been the ONLY they have done.

      And after all this time & taxpayer money they have spent on this crap; the very FIRST thing that comes out of Schiff’s mouth when it FINALLY reaches the Senate is that they will NEED the Senate’s help with trying to prove the rest of their case.

      They are absolutely STUPID & the people that follow them are plain idiots. Our President is INNOCENT until proven GUILTY. He doesn’t have anything to prove. They are the ones that have to prove his GUILT. No HERESAY. But that’s ALL they have.

      The Democrats have done NOTHING for our country except spend OUR tax dollars. You college Snowflakes & Liberals May not care; but THE TRUE AMERICAN PEOPLE DO CARE. You IDIOTS want Socialism while many people from Socialist countries are coming here.

      So why don’t we just make a trade. Let them come here & we can ALL keep our freedom. The rest of you LIBERAL nut-jobs go to their Socialist countries.

  3. So we will know who the traitors are at point for Trump will not sign it for it will effect every president after him!

  4. When was the last year the USA had true Budget, was it like 1992? And the folks in Government cannot get one passed, If it was me, I would be asking my representative some serious quetions about this

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