Lying Alexander Vindman Cries for Attention in Latest Cry Baby Rant


Lieutenant colonel Alexander Vindman was thrown out of the National Security Council, along with his brother, for deplorably un-American activities. To liberal Democrats, he’s a saint. He just went public to whine and rant about the “obstruction” coming from conservatives in the Senate. They keep using that pesky filibuster thing to prevent Democrats from obtaining their evil goals.

Vindman unleashed

Republicans dared to block the bill which would have started another Robert Mueller scale grand inquisition into the Barbarian Invasion which happened on January 6.

It’s clear they have no interest in finding the truth, which seems to be that the Deep State was behind the whole false flag event.

Instead, the entire purpose of their new and improved witch hunt is to pin the insurrection on Once and Future President Donald Trump. Then drag all his deplorable “supporters” off to FEMA camp for a little re-education.

Vindman got picked to make the talk show circuit and explain the plan.

Vindman takes personal offense at the Senate filibuster rules which require 60 votes to get anything through. Not only were the RINOs AWOL, 6 DINO defectors refused to go along with the evil scheme. They’re the ones who understand that the real “insurrection” was the year of violent anarchy raging in the streets which Democrat city and state leaders cheered and encouraged.

Things like “safety,” “law,” and “property rights” are illusions of racist White privilege. That’s why the police need to be defunded and disarmed immediately.

Eliminate the filibuster

The traitorous rat Vindman claims there is only one way to defeat conservative nationalists. Eliminate the filibuster once and for all. “A moderate response would be to reevaluate the filibuster,” he tweets. “@SenateDems need to seriously consider this option.” Adam Schiff spends every waking hour trying to come up with any Wile E. Coyote plan he can think of, calling the tried and true tradition “an arcane Senate rule.”

They stole the majority fair and square but they can’t get any use out of their slim margin of victory.

The thing that really pisses off Vindman and Schiff is the fact “whichever party is in the minority in the chamber can use that procedural mechanism to stop most legislation from ever moving to a final vote.” Getting things done requires “cooperation.”

That means compromise and Democrats simply aren’t willing to do that. What they’re left with is a Mexican stand-off where Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell holds “de facto veto power.”

Democrats know they are in trouble when the Palace relies on Alex Vindman to get the job done. Even when all the transcripts of the phone call between Donald Trump and the president of Ukraine proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that Trump did absolutely nothing wrong, the rat crawled out of the Deep State shadows to claim, without evidence, that he “had actually listened to the call and knew the truth.”

He was the only one who could share that with the Senate to convince them to impeach Trump the first time around. Nobody believed him then, and nobody believes him now.

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