Trump Cleans House of Impeachment Traitors

Black Friday at the White House.
Donald Trump
Photo Courtesy of Gage Skidmore via Creative Commons License

Early Friday, Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham stated that people that were working against Trump were going to pay a price.

That “price” became very clear by Friday night, as three staffers were removed, two of them having testified against Trump during the impeachment.

Lt. Col. Vindman

Democrats are already trying to make Vindman out to be a martyr, a continuation of the narrative they were spewing during the House hearings.

After both he and his brother were relieved of their duties and reassigned, virtually the entire party lashed out at the Trump administration.

Then, on Friday night, Biden also spoke of Vindman, treating him as though he was a national hero.

That will play great for the media, but the fact of the matter is that Vindman’s file is loaded with improper behavior and negative reports from supervisors.

In the military, chain of command is everything, but Vindman circumvented that chain of command during his complaint about Trump.

That simply cannot be tolerated in the military and his dismissal was warranted for those actions, not what he had to say during the impeachment.

Ambassador Sondland

When Sondland was first appointed as the Ambassador to the E.U., Democrats went ballistic, specifically citing the money he donated to Trump and his apparent lack of experience.

During his testimony, it became painfully clear Democrats were very much right about their concerns regarding Sondland.

Again, while he did testify against Trump, it was also painfully clear Sondland was lacking in terms of security and discussion of classified information.

He has also been widely considered a failure in terms of carrying out his duties.

So, once again, while Dems will spin this as an act of revenge, this dismissal was also very warranted.

The only thing that really hurts Trump here is the fact Grisham prefaced the dismissals with what amounted to be a warning of payback, making the dismissals appear as revenge rather than dismissal for cause, and that may come back to haunt the Trump campaign once the primary is over and we move on to the general election.

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