Republicans About to Make Good on Their Promises to Californians


Republicans have to hurdles to clear but both of them look doable. First they have to drag their offensive Democrat Governor Gavin Newsom out of office with a recall election, then they need to make sure a conservative is picked as his replacement. After that, they can keep their promise to California citizens and rip away the mask mandates, along with the vaccine passport scheme.


Republicans are ready

California Republicans are ready to take control of the Governor’s office and the powerful powers that come with it. They’ll still have to answer to liberal Democrats in the legislature though. For now, all the focus is on removing Gavin Newsom like a cancer on September 14.

Any one of the GOP candidates will “rescind” the statewide COVID-19 vaccination and mask mandates. No matter how much liberals scream. It’s a choice, dig? It’s my body right? Progressives are sulking in their safe space with a can of Play Doh and a latte.

The great thing about the Golden State of California is that it gives “broad executive authority” to the governor. That means after Newsom loses, which Vegas has at 1:1 right now.

When one of the Republicans is elected, which looks good, the victor and “his sweeping powers would be poised” to do the unthinkable, allow people to decide on their own if they want to wear a mask. Worse, they’ll be allowed to walk around free as a bird without a vaccine certificate.

The liberals have already started to brace for a new Republican governor who “may decide to follow the lead of those in Texas and Florida and issue executive orders banning mask mandates in defiance of masking requirements enacted by counties, cities and school districts.” How ghastly!

They’re safe in the knowledge that any attempt by Republicans to do so “could be blocked by the Democrats who control the California Legislature and challenged in court.” While it is certain that they can file the challenges, the outcome is not certain. Also, that takes time and the governor can get a lot done if he greases it through fast. Getting it undone could be much trickier for Democrats.

An assault on freedom

Currently, the odds are favoring conservative talk-show host Larry Elder out of the field of Republicans. He’s already promised “quick action” to undo the mask mandates, which he declares an “assault on freedom.”

When he wins, “I win I will fight any and all vaccine and mask govt mandates at state and local level,” he tweeted. He couldn’t help tapping out that comment after the latest outrage from Nancy Pelosi’s part of the state.

Hippy-dippy San Francisco, where things are so great they use the street for a bathroom, city officials decided to “require proof of full vaccination against COVID-19” before anyone can set foot in “restaurants, bars, gyms and other indoor venues.”

Not to be outdone, Los Angeles copied off the language and declared a similar ordinance of their own. Now they’re horrified that the Republicans will cancel it.

Newsom had just got done making the announcement that anyone working in a public school will have to show the virus Gestapo their papers.

The ones proving vaccination or regular testing for the Asian Andromeda Strain, including it’s alphabet of mutant derivatives like the “Delta” version currently making the rounds. No mater which one of the Republicans gets in, you can be sure it will go away.

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