Republicans Make HUGE Strides in Key Developments Moving Towards Majority Control


The House Republican Party has broken fundraising records for the third month in a row, ending the month of May with more than $42 million in cash and no debt. While the fundraising future of the GOP was uncertain as 2021 started, the party now seems to be entering a strong position from which to contest the 2022 midterm elections. The party will hope to take control of the House of Representatives from the democrats.

Republicans keep up fundraising success

There was anxiety and uncertainty about the future of Republican fundraising endeavors as 2021 began with many corporations vowing to slash donations to Republican candidates.

For  a party which has long been identified as the party of business, the complete loss of support from big business could have been devastating.

For the last three months, however, the Republican Party has repeatedly seen great fundraising success in spite of the corporate desertions.

The disparity in funding between Republicans and Democrats in the 2020 election was catastrophic, as the Democrats were able to overwhelm the Trump campaign with a tsunami of cash from large donors.

In the aftermath, however, Democrat fundraising efforts seem to have become a bit sluggish; while the party should be able to crush Republicans in the competition for donations, Congressional  fundraising has been relatively even between the two.

Democrats appear to be resting on their laurels to some extent. Having secured the White House and Congress, donors presumably feel less pressure to give money.

“Primed to retake the majority”

Republicans, on the other hand, have found new success with relying on small donors to support their upcoming fight to unseat vulnerable Democrats in 2022.

A reliance on grassroots fundraising may have been forced on Republicans, but the strategy appears to be working for Congressional leaders.

National Republican Congressional Committee Chairman Rep. Tom Emmer told Fox News that he is confident that the GOP will be “primed to retake the majority.”

Results for Congressional Democrats in 2020 revealed that their control over the House of Representatives is vulnerable. While they took the White House and the Senate, the Democrats lost significant ground in the House.

Nancy Pelosi has struggled to maintain her hold on leadership of both her own party and the House of Representatives itself between internal dissent and Republican advances.

With Democrats in control of the White House, history shows that the attacking party will likely have a natural advantage in Congress already. Fundraising success may allow the GOP to capitalize on that advantage and expand their chances of securing a Republican House in 2022.

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