Schools Now Being ORDERED to Fly BLM Flags


A shocking unanimous vote by the Vermont Essex Westford School District Board concluded that a Black Lives Matter (BLM) flag be flown at each of its schools for the 2020-2021 school year.

BLM Propaganda Now Taking Over Education

Banding in racist unity, each flag will be raised on Thursday, News Break reported. LGBTQ flags will also be raised. The event will be live-streamed on Facebook and the community is not allowed to go to it due to COVID-19.

The LGBTQ Pride flag and Black Lives Matter flag will fly over all public schools in Clarendon, North Clarendon, Shrewsbury, Wallingford and Tinmouth, Vermont.

Political Statements Pushed to Children

“That flag pole should have the U.S. flag and the Vermont state flag on it, period,” said Republican Art Peterson, who is running for the statehouse.

“I’m disappointed that one person can come in, make a request of this nature and the board automatically decides to do it,” he told the Rutland Herald. “Those flags both have a political meaning and those things have meaning to people. When you introduce politics into the schools, these symbols, where does it stop?”

The controversial anti-American decision by the school board comes after a single student requested the flags be flown. High school senior Reese Eldert-Moore raised the matter and can be said to be the responsible party who got the ball rolling on this decision.

“When I attended Mill River, students would use hateful terms and slang constantly, whether they knew it or not,” Mill River Union High 2015 graduate Christian Brand told VTDigger. “Imagine how I and others would have felt if we saw a Pride flag wave across the school grounds? How we could have been given the chance earlier to be ourselves and thrive.”

Supt. Dave Younce made what many believe to be an incorrect and ignorant statement when he told television station WCAX that the board made the right decision by allowing this atrocity. He said politics is not in play when it comes to flying the BLM and LGBTQ flags.

“I believe at Mill River our job is to support people and to make our students belong there and anything that can do that in a visible, tangible way is better than has done in the past and we all want to do better than we have in the past, so that’s the way I see it,” Younce said.

Petition to Stop BLM and LGBTQ Indoctrination Gains Traction

Arthur Peterson, who is running for the Vermont House of Representatives, helped put together a petition to stop the proposal. The petition quickly got 500 signatures.

“As for the Pride flag, it’s just perverse,” he said at a June 25 Community Engagement Committee meeting on Zoom. “I’m sorry. I’m an old-timer, maybe that’s language you don’t want to hear. We need to bring up our kids in a way that doesn’t subject them to this.”

What is next? Will students soon be required to burn the American flag but stand for the BLM and LGBTQ flags? It sure seems like a possibility at the rate things are deteriorating.

  1. Parents, Guardians, Married or single – Home-School your own Children and teach them prayer (optional) and the constitution. Send them to a private school, or gather together and have school (s) at a benevolent wealthy couple’s mansion. Pay the school taxes – It’s the Tax Law, unfortunately – But Boycott those filthy schools. Your kids do not Need this. Get together parents and lease a small mall. Form an organization with 100 to 200 Parents and Lease that Mall and Hire Private Teachers who will start off at a reasonable salary. enough to tide them through. Many retired teachers and young teachers and tenured “love of God, Family, Friends and Country” teachers would be willing to sacrifice their way of life for a more fulfilling life, teaching our children. Our Forefathers were Home-Schooled. Home-Schooled people are the most brilliant in this world! This is a revolution and should be a revolution against this Evil – No prayer – 6 decades old – hijack of our schools. And I’m a BLACK MAN!

  2. These so called schools today are run by complete ASSHOLES… ANTI AMERICAN ASSHOLES. If I had kids today in school I would not allow them to go to any of these liberal houses of bullshit. SCREW Vermont and all the morons who go along with this shit.

  3. Their School Supt is either a fool, an idiot or a communist… “politics not in play” when flying the flag of a group of self-proclaimed communists? Certainly glad I have no kids in school there where communists and freaks are given a place of honor.

  4. What about the anarchist and antifa flags? All of these groups are fronts for communist/Marxist indoctrination..

  5. These two flags represent communism and destruction of this country. If I see a BLM flag and I have a chance I will destroy it. This flag does not represent good black people or white people who have any common sense.

  6. This Nonsense happens ONLY BECAUSE We the SHEEPle remain useless against our enemies within! We simply don’t care — yet!

  7. Don’t let those Marxist tell you what you should do. Have a back bone and ignore them and fly the American flag only! You have to stand up to bullies and let them know you are in charge not them.
    This is America. and there will be no other flag but the Red White and Blue one.

  8. Seen on cable television where they run an ad that states that all lives don’t matter UNTIL black lives matter first. Really wish I knew how to complain to the ad council on the advertisement that offends me.

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