Schumer Demands Witnesses… THIS is What He Said When Clinton Was Impeached

What a hypocrite!
Chuck Schumer
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Senator Chuck Schumer’s entire political career is filled with hypocrisy, especially when it comes to impeachment.

For weeks, now, he has been railing about wanting a fair trial and hearing witnesses to avoid a coverup.

However, what nobody knows and what the media is hiding is where Schumer stood during the Bill Clinton impeachment.

Chuck’s Hypocrisy

When Bill Clinton was being impeached, it was during the very early stages of Schumer’s political career.

People may have forgotten, but Schumer ran on a platform of NOT impeaching Bill Clinton.

Here he was, a freshman Senator, about to take an oath as an impartial juror, and he had already made up his mind before he ever took his seat!

Same Circumstances

The impeachment of Trump and Clinton, while on completely different areas of the law, are very similar in nature in terms of the temperature of the House and Senate.

Democrats at the time thought it was ridiculous to impeach Clinton on what they deemed to be nothing more than an affair.

The Republican House impeached him and sent the case over to the Senate for trial.

At the time, the Democrat Senate did not believe the House had made a good enough case for impeachment.

When asked about calling witnesses in the Senate to make the case, Schumer stated, that “doesn’t make sense.”

A reporter specifically asked Schumer, “You said that one of the reasons they didn’t call witnesses in the House was to accommodate Democrats. How do you respond to that?”

Schumer then responded, “Let me say this idea that they didn’t have to call witnesses in the House and they should call them in the Senate doesn’t make sense,” Schumer responded. “You call witnesses before a grand jury and you call witnesses before a trial. So, there were some on my side, I was not among them, but some on my side who argued strongly that they outta call witnesses and they resisted it every step of the way.”

He then added, “There has not been a good explanation why 60,000 pages of testimony was good enough for the House but isn’t good enough for the Senate.”

You can hear those words right from Schumer’s mouth…

On January 27, 1999, Schumer held a press conference, calling witnesses in the Senate nothing more than “political theater.”

He stated, “It seems to me that no good case has been made for witnesses.

“I wonder if the House managers aren’t a little more interested in political theater than in actually getting to the bottom of the facts.”

Virtually every day of this impeachment, Schumer has been tweeting about the need to call witnesses to ensure this trial is just and fair.

I would challenge everyone that sees those tweets to throw this article in his face and demand he answer for his stance in 1999 based on the comments he is making today about the Trump impeachment.

  1. Are any of these people qualified to hold any public office including dog catcher??? Schumer is a f**king waste of everything holy and nn imperious Juden whose family should have died in a pogrom somewhere!

    1. Sam, it sounds like you have a problem with Jews. Do you believe the Final Solution was the right course? Also, are you a Christian and do you believe in the principles of the Constitution?

  2. Schumer is also a full-blown hypocrite on illegal-immigration. He was once against that and it is on videos. Now, because Trump is in office, he’s all for letting any Juan, Igor, or Mohammad into our country unchecked. It just goes to prove once again that to be today’s Democrat, one must also be a liar, a cheater, and a hypocrite!

  3. The only witnesses allowed should be those already called by the House to either confirm or impeach their testimony as to facts of law. Otherwise the Senate Republicans should say Katy bar the door and call Comey, McCabe, Brennan, Clinton, and even Obama as to the investigation of Trump’s campaign during the Obama administration and who started it and why.

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