Sec. of State Pompeo Makes Stunning Taliban Announcement

This is HUGE!
Mike Pompeo
Photo Courtesy of Gage Skidmore via Creative Commons License

On Friday, some major news broke regarding peace in the Middle East but sadly, most mainstream media outlets buried the story.


Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced they have a truce in place with the Taliban, pending the signing of a peace agreement.

The Truce

The two sides came together after the talks fell apart last September.

Trump had invited Taliban leadership to Camp David to hammer out the final details of an agreement when the Taliban carried out an attack in an effort to gain leverage.

That obviously failed and Trump canceled the talks.

Even so, Trump stated that if the Taliban would respect the talks, he would come back to the table with them.

Here we are almost six months later and a deal is in place.

The truce calls for the Taliban to end roadside attacks and suicide bombings as well as rocket attacks.

The Peace Agreement

Assuming the Taliban respects the truce, and that is a BIG if, the United States has agreed to work with Afghanistan to free roughly 5,000 Taliban prisoners.

The Taliban has already submitted a list and that will surely be vetted to ensure jihadists are not being freed only to undermine the agreement.

The United States will also withdraw its troops from the area over an 18-month period.

The Taliban will now officially have a seat at the table with Afghanistan leadership.

The only roadblock at this time to the peace agreement being signed would be if rogue groups starting carrying out attacks.

There are already reports of rocket attacks today against the Baghdad embassy, but no injuries were reported, at least so far.

There are obviously groups in the area that do not want peace, so the challenge will be for the Taliban to rein them in to ensure this agreement is able to be in place.

The fear, however, is that the United States will enter this agreement and after our troops are withdrawn, the terror strikes resume.

President Trump is putting a lot of faith in an organization that has given him very little reason to trust them, so this is certainly a gamble, but if it works, it will be among his greatest achievements in office.

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