Watch: Chrissy Teigen, Admits Grotesque Fantasy Proving How Disgusting She Is


Chrissy Teigen, an American model, admits a grotesque fantasy that proves what a disgusting human she is. On Netflix’s upcoming David Chang’s show, Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner, Teigen and Chang discuss the freaky foods they would eat. Whereas Chang would refrain from “cod sperm”, Teigen reveals her disgusting appetite.

Teigen, who recently blasted Girl Scout cookies, says, “There’s actually nothing I wouldn’t eat or wouldn’t drink or wouldn’t try. If the person okayed it, I would eat a human.”

Many might be astounded that anyone might proclaim an unnatural desire to eat human flesh, but these words are becoming more common than one would believe. Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner is not the only Netflix show that glorifies cannibalism.

Netflix also has the comedy-horror show Santa Clarita Diet, featuring Drew Barrymore. The premise is around a character named Sheila, played by Barrymore, who engages in a metamorphosis, which results in her yearning to eat human flesh.

In the disgusting culture of Hollyweird, that’s entertainment!

Netflix is Disgusting

Netflix streams a variety of new shows each week.  Yet, the depravity of the shows is undeniable. Many of the shows focus around teenage sex, homosexuality, and, even transgender shows.  Not surprisingly that Netflix promotes cannibalism as a leisure activity.

Big Mouth is a Netflix cartoon that revolves around adolescent boys and their descent into puberty, sexual fantasies, and pornographic viewing. Sex Education is another Netflix show that has a plot revolving about the sexual awakening of a high school boy who gains sexual knowledge through his school sex education class and his mother, who is a sex therapist.

Netflix has an enormous glut of shows that promote homosexuality. One of its popular shows is Queer Eye, a show that has five homosexuals prance around Atlanta giving style advice to others. Special is a comedy that centers around a homosexual male with cerebral palsy.

Even more disgusting is how Netflix is venturing into transgender shows and films. In AJ and the Queen, famous transgender RuPaul drifts across the United States and performs drag shows in gay bars. RuPaul is the ‘queen’ in the show.  And who is the ‘AJ’? AJ is a ten-year-old boy who accompanies RuPaul throughout the series. No joke. Watch the video below. 

Not surprisingly, former president, Barack Obama has a contract with Netflix. In 2018, the Obamas launched their own production company, Higher Ground. Recently, Netflix began streaming Higher Ground’s Becoming, a documentary on Michelle Obama.

Netflix streams cannibalism, homosexuality, teenage sex, transgenderism, and Michelle Obama! Time to get rid of Netflix! It’s disgusting! 


  1. It amazes me that someone so ugly could be a model. Must be for Porn or some other disgusting business she is a model for. Oh well, God will sort her out! KAG!

  2. Is it so surprising they are venturing into transgenderism? Isn’t Michelle I mean Michael Obama a transgender? The Obamas influence on this network has me totally disgusted! There are several good things that Netflix comes out with, but for now I am canceling my subscription. The price keeps going up and the content keeps going down.

  3. Why does ANYONE with half a brain subscribe to Netflix with all of their degenerate material, especially, michael obama?


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