ObamaGate Ramping Up to Be the Largest Scandal in American History

ObamaGate is ramping up to be the largest scandal in American political history. On the heels of the vindication of General Michael Flynn, former U.S. President Barack Obama and members of his presidential administration are being exposed on several levels of wrongdoings that pertain to President Donald Trump and his administration. However, do not expect the ObamaGate scandal exposed by the liberal media.


Obama lies at the heart of the ObamaGate scandal. South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham has launched an in-depth probe into Obama’s Justice Department after a list of names were published regarding the unmasking of Trump’s former National Security Advisor, Michael Flynn. Included in that list is presumptive Democratic Presidential Nominee, Joe Biden, Obama’s former Vice President. Trump is already clamoring for Graham’s probe to commence.

As the Democratic Party misconceived the public with the Trump-Russia hoax hearings, they ensnared Flynn in an obvious set-up. The FBI interviewed Flynn about his meeting with then-Russian ambassador Sergey Kislyak before Trump took office. Flynn was accused and convicted of misleading the FBI in the interview, although it has recently been revealed that the FBI had nefarious reasons to interview Flynn. 

One of the FBI interviewers, Bill Priestap, wrote in his notes, “What is our goal? Truth/Admission, or to get him (Flynn) to lie, so we can prosecute him or get him fired?”

Biden also finds himself in the ObamaGate scandal. It has been revealed that Creepy Joe was one of several high-level Obama officials that had requested Flynn’s name unmasked from the National Security Agency’s foreign intelligence report that focused on Flynn’s supposed transgressions. Biden asked for this information in January of 2017. Flynn’s information was eventually illegally leaked to the press.

However, Biden has recently denied any knowledge of Flynn. He stated, “I knew nothing about those moves to investigate Michael Flynn.” These words are obviously an outright lie, expect more Democratic lies in the next few months.

Obama’s former CIA Director John Brennan is also implemented in ObamaGate. His name is also on the list of traitors that asked for the unmasking of Flynn. Brennan blasted Trump’s Twitter critiques.


ObamaGate and the Liberal Media

The liberal media is already rallying the troops to provide cover for the ObamaGate scandal. CNN and MSNBC barely touch on the scandal. Instead, they are running a 24-hour Coronavirus panic fear-mongering marathon. 

Vox, another leftist rag, published an article entitled, “It took one question for a reporter to expose Trump’s latest baseless Obama conspiracy theory.” The article blasted Trump for circulating a ‘nonsensical conspiracy theory about Obama’ trying to ‘railroad’ Flynn, who was obviously guilty in Vox’s eyes.

Speaking of Twitter. Several people noticed strange happenings in Twitterland after #ObamaGate began trending soon after Trump’s ObamaGate tweets.

According to RedState, tweets began disappearing that contained #ObamaGate. This hashtag rapidly reached 2.5 million Tweets, but just as rapidly disappeared from Twitter’s top 20 hashtags.

Obama and his cronies have been caught red-handed. Expect an avalanche of more lies, deceit, and tricks from the Democrats and their partners-in-crime, the liberal media. Make no mistake about it, ObamaGate will be one of the largest scandals in American history. Get your popcorn ready!


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